Friday, October 05, 2007

So, a Republican Goes into a Public Restroom...

Geez, what's the deal? It's as if to yer average male GOOPER can't take a leak outside of the house without wanting to reenact an "adult" scene from OZ.

Oh wait--it's not just outside the house...

At this point, why bother with staging a convention all the way up in Minneapolis when the Republicans could just gather together in a public men's room or local YMCA to "build a platform."

(on a slightly more serious note: you'll notice that I left disgraced Congressman Mark Foley out of the picture...well, that's because, as hypocritical as the GOP is on teh gay, gay sex is completely normal adult behavior, as is non-gay sex, or, at least in my opinion, pretty much anything that occurs between two or more consenting adults. Foley's predatory behavior was NOT gay sex, it was pederasty, and yes, a distinction should be made).

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