Thursday, September 25, 2014

Erickson...Just One Of Many

From Album 5
And this is despite Mr. Holder's more than lenient position towards some serious white collar crooks.

Though I'll give the guy some credit for his responses to looney Louie Gohmert.


  1. I am going to save that Voltaire quote. It IS a real keeper and oh so very true. The tea tards ARE ridiculous and that is a fact we all know.

  2. Indeed...and certainly apt here. Again, not a big fan of Holder, though -- and yes, I regularly watch the show -- Rachel Maddow devoted a significant segment to the soon to be former AG that gave him more credit than I thought. Additionally, I think they said his sister helped integrate the University of Alabama, so points there. But he and Obama are still a little too cozy with the big shots. I suppose they have to be, but the end result is that the goal posts move ever rightward.

    Well, have a good weekend. Take it easy.