Monday, September 22, 2014

In Case You Missed It

From Album 5
300K plus people -- presumably representing millions more -- demonstrating in New York for something to be done about global warming isn't deemed newsworthy...but 300 or fewer Tea Partiers demanding ever more cruel economic policies would likely get round the clock coverage.

Yer Free Press at work.


  1. I agree with you 100%. 300,000 protesting against global warming/climate change gets near zero media coverage. Yet if a small tea party gathering will get massive coverage. And the media still claims it is not biased? Oh please, give me a break here. If it wasn't for the media bias, the American people would not be so ignorant of the truth about a wide variety of issues. Fat, dumb, and lazy, that is how the mass media and the big banksters want the people of the US of A.

  2. What also really pisses me off is that the media insists on playing the balance game, i.e., "opinions differ on the shape of the earth." Nope -- the science doesn't lie. The fact that wingers reject it doesn't mean that there's some sort of controversy, it means they reject science...though they sure soak up the benefits of living in a modern, technological world.

    Today the NY Times did one of their classic "balance" stories, noting that hey, global warming just means another excuse to move to Portland...or Anchorage! Though it didn't mention we might have to get there on foot (assuming we're alive at all) since the global economy will take one hell of a hit, rendering conveniences like fuel and electricity on demand...something from a bygone era.


    Take it easy over there.