Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Mitt's Zombie Idea -- It Just Won't Go Away

From Album 5
And that's because it's not a bug, but a feature...hell, for them, an article of faith.


  1. Just shows how limited some people are as far as smarts go. An "idea" that went down in flames during the last presidential election gets revived for the mid term election as a possible "winner"? Really? Don't any of these candidates have an original thought? Are they just mindless robotic things? Come on people, at least come up with an original thought. We need new ideas, not recycling of old garbage that was dumb the first time it was mentioned.
    'Merikkka, what a country.

  2. And...I think some of the so-called smart guys want him to run again. Well, let him. He'll lose. Again.

    The other thing that's lately got me wondering is when they'll demand that taxes on low income/poor people be raised. That's the corollary to the 47 percent -- they need more "skin in the game," is what I remember the last go round...even though they're mostly hanging on by the skin of their teeth.

    Also -- where's Grover Norquist when they're saying that stuff? Oh, right: as long as it's "those people," Norquist doesn't give a shit.

  3. Michael, you give me hope for the future. I am way past my "sell by" date, you as a younger person will have to continue after those like me are gone and forgotten. I do wish you and all the younger people with brains and the guts to use them the very best you can possibly get. It will be damn hard work though. I'm willing to bet the farm that you, at least, are up to the job. Just hope there are many more like you and are young enough to keep the fight for restoring the old Constitutional Republic to what it should be.
    Have a great week and a good weekend. Cheers to Tigger as well. Oh, and an extra ear rub from me. Oh, I almost forgot the most important bit, an extra treat for Mr. Tigger.