Thursday, October 16, 2014

Bat Boy Almost A No Show

From Album4
Sounds like Rick might have needed a fan, considering he was in melt-down stage. What a dingbat...Hell, it took ME all of about 20 seconds to think of all sorts of ways Scott could've played with "Crist needs a fan." doesn't exactly mix with modern wingnuttia...


  1. OK, this is totally way too crazy even for the tea faction of the elephant gang. Are they all bratty, nasty and mean spirited little retarded children?
    My opinion, I have not read nor care to read the "rules" for that debate, BUT, I would think the "no fans" on stage means no human "fans" of either candidate, not electronic fans to keep cool under the TV lights, which can get very warm, hot in fact while standing on stage under them for an hour or so.
    This sort of behavior even makes our own lil' Booby Jindal almost (notice I DID say almost) look 1/4 sane.
    Talk about bad behavior. Just turn out the lights Florida, close the door and allow the rest of us to donate, we may need to bribe them, Cuba to take over the territory of this poor excuse of a state. Remember 2000? Remember "hanging chads"? Yeah, I do, and this comes close to being at that level. Just my own opinion of course. Others may vary.
    The procedure went well this morning. I do feel OK, but will know for sure tomorrow. It should work, had this done before so I know it will give some relief. Fewer pills needed and that is great by me. I do not like taking pain meds, they can be very addictive.
    Hope you enjoy the weather. Nice up here and should hold till the weekend.

  2. Good to hear thing seemed to go well, at least for now, re: your back. Alas, I know from experience how awful back pain can be...will knock on wood/cross my fingers for you.

    Again re: Rick Scott...the sheer childishness. Geez, like I said, make a joke out of it if it really irks you, either in the debate itself, or during the post-debate spin. Throwing a hissy fit can only work IF you've got a press corpse [sic]/panel that's already in your pocket, and even then only if they go all out for you...which almost happened, but even then the audience saw through it...

    And it's not like Charlie Crist is anything other than an opportunist/ex Repug, who got booted from the party for...not being an utter dick during the financial collapse in 2008. He...gasp...even accepted stimulus funds from the Kenyan usurper. But the Repugs have gone off the deep end, and no one in said press corpse [sic...again] has the stones to admit it...because they're scared of being called librul.

    So scared they'll let the loonies drive the car right off the cliff...provided it doesn't affect them personally...and when it does, well...they sure won't try to save anyone but themselves.

    Again, part of me's almost glad I'm unlikely to be around when it really starts to go kablooey.

    Anyway, take it easy. again, good that your back is ok...yeah, prescription meds can be dangerous...and I say that as someone who used to take a LOT of Advil for hand pain many years ago...these days that's mostly gone, while thankfully my liver isn't...though I do have to take famotidine (generic Pepsid AC) for chronic heartburn. Guess that's what happens when you're, um, a bit overweight...

    Well, at least the weather looks good for the weekend.