Thursday, October 30, 2014

Davy Jones' Oily Locker

From Album3
Out of sight, out of mind...and without "definitive proof," out of luck, if it has long term negative consequences...and it will.


  1. Some times I really do not like to be right about things. About 18 months ago, we went to what is left of Holly Beach. While walking on the beach I noticed numerous dead fish on the shore line. I said I thought it was due to the oil spill, rig fire/blow out. Others said, oh no, it was from the shrimp boats in the Gulf. We could see some near the horizon. I said, maybe, but, we are not done with that oil spill/blow out yet. This report just confirms I was right. As I said, some times I wish I was wrong, even when I am right.
    We have not seen the end results of that disaster and may not for decades to come. I really do fear for the children. What a damn mess we are leaving to them. I would not change places with a younger person for all the money in the world. Never thought I'd be so happy to be past my "sell by" date. Sorry to be so negative, but with this news, well......
    Hope your week has gone well so far.
    As to yesterdays post, no, not another Bush. Two have been three too many for me.

  2. Agreed on no more Bushes...though it underscores the real problem: as loony as Jeb is -- and he IS -- he and his family are the "sane" ones, which tells you how far off the rails the Rethugs have gone...with the complicity of a media that was utterly complacent when the greater evils like Ted Cruz came to the forefront. And now the monster is utterly out of out of control that some clown...from Texas, now that I think of it...apologized to BP for...for what? Having to accept even modest responsibility for ruining the Gulf? Christ.

    As for Holly Beach, wow...went there years ago, in the 80s. Also did the Creole Nature Trail walk, and saw an alligator from a pretty close distance. Sigh-- Big Oil's really doing a number...and for what? It's not like ruining the coast will provide a fountain of youth...though it'll make their grandkids hate their guts when confronted with the mess...

    Anyway, have a good weekend up there. Looks like it'll be nice if a little on the cool side around here...