Thursday, October 23, 2014

Gun Nut

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That'd be Joni Ernst, candidate for United States Senator from Iowa, who stands no worse than even odds to win.

And to be perfectly clear about this -- again -- I really don't care what kind and how many firearms someone owns or wants to own. People getting shot -- dead -- is what I object to. And I also think it's puerile and smug to talk about how much you like to fondle them.


  1. These 2nd Amendment clowns brag on about guns and their right to own/carry them. I tell you that the first time they get shot AT, they will run home screaming for mommy to protect them. When you get shot at by somebody who is trying to kill you, it DOES get your attention, big time. Ask and combat vet. Being shot at by persons trying to kill you is not fun. These gun rights folks go to the shooting range, well those paper targets do NOT shoot back.
    One side note, I do not object to hunting. My wifes' two oldest hunt most every year. Gregg makes some nice deer sausages among other nice game meats. Still for hunting to be a real sport, the critters should be armed and shoot back. Then we'd see how brave the hunters really are. I had an old cartoon, not sure if I still have it, two deer hunters are in the woods, a deer is standing opposing them with a Thompson .45 with a drum magazine, holds at least 50 rounds, possibly 100, I forget the exact capacity of that drum magazine.
    Being shot at by a person or persons who want to kill you is no fun deal at all. Been there and do not care to return soon. Any way, I still prefer my single action .45 revolver. It will not jam and I take my time. Real gun control is being able to hit what you aim at. Just my opinion. One pistol and one long gun, rifle or shotgun is all anybody needs IF they need any guns. Again, just my opinion. Others will vary or course.

  2. I don't mind or object to hunting either, well, provided the person hunting shows some responsibility and at least acts like a grown up. It's the fetishists that bother me, like Little Booby -- if you look around, there's a picture that came out today showing him and his the range, bravely standing up to silhouette targets. Wow, what...bravery. Sigh.

    I actually give John McCain, of all people, modest credit for not getting caught up in that nonsense in 2008...of course, then he turns around and launches Sarah Palin's national career. One step forward, three (hundred) backward...

    As I've said, I'm not a hunter, nor am I a gun owner, but I don't's the attitude, not the gun. Responsible gun owners don't tend to be smug, probably because they know that's the surest way to a pretty horrible accident.

    Actually, this guy, who I read regularly, seems to have a good head on his shoulders when it comes to do you, and most of the gun owners I know...good essay here, though

    Anyway, time to feed the cat. Again...

    Have a good weekend.