Monday, October 27, 2014

He's Not A Doctor

From Album 5
But he'll play one on TV...if he gets to be a bully, too.

I forget where I saw this -- sorry for not being able to credit/link -- but the same wingers who reject global warming because "[they're] not a scientist" sure don't mind releasing their inner authoritarian/bullying tendencies while expecting us to defer to their...expertise...


  1. Yes, the Reich wingers and neo-cons like to play at being "scientific" until they don't want to be. The old, "I'm not a scientist, but...." Later, when anybody tries to pin them down, they come back with, "Well, I am not a scientists". Yeah, having it both ways. Well, nobody can do that, even though many try.
    Christie is a total asshat and deserves to be punished for his absolute stupidity.
    He should never have been elected to any office, and I hope he never wins another election no matter how he tries to rig it. These clowns need to be exposed for how truly stupid they are. We need to laugh at them any chance we get, let them know we know they are fools and morons. When this sort get power they are very, very dangerous.

  2. Well, it's small justice, but some justice that Christie will never get elected president, though ironically it's because the Jersey Whale, while a bully and an ass, isn't crazy enough for the base...

    It'd also be nice if he got called out for screwing the New Jersey State Pension System, but alas, that's not likely to guess I'll have to take the small win.

    What DOES bother me is the hero worship he gets from certain types...bully worshipers. Why they take such delight in his hollering at some, while studiously avoiding any criticism of the fat cats and big shots who blew up the economy...well, just my opinion, but a lot of folks sure do like to punch the shitbirds who have a rough day at work, so they go home and kick their dog...