Wednesday, October 01, 2014

History Is Replete With Dumb Ideas

From Album 5
But, boy, this one has to rank pretty high, not that it would ever happen, thank heavens. Alan West as head of the Secret Service? You've got to be fucking kidding. That'd be like suggesting Bob Knight as official consultant on matters of diplomacy, tact, and common manners...meanwhile, also on the subject of the Secret Service, Politico again produces something that in normal circumstances would spur Mr. Pierce to ask his bartender for a double Prestone.


  1. Oh well, nothing new here. Anything that has happened and what ever does happen as long as Obama is in the White House, as the President of the US of A IS absolutely HIS fault. Unless it is something good for all on the Reich wing that is. Even then, they will be highly suspicious of his intentions and no doubt, think it is a trap. How can a supposed functioning adult human be so damn stupid? Is it the racist attitude? Do they really hate the guy that much?
    OK, I admit up front, I have never voted for him. A cousin of mine emailed me in late 2007 and said he really liked what Obama was saying. I replied asking just what he had said that was so great. My cousin could not give any reply. Of course not. All that mattered was, and still (my opinion), is that Obama does not mangle the American version of English as W. Shrub and the caribou Barbie did and do every time they speak. Obama speaks clearly and sounds like an educated person. Of course, being a politician, he really says very little that is truthful or matters to the working class and poor people. Typical empty suit, like 99% of politicians.
    On a personal note, I may be slow with comments for a while. This is going to be a busy month as we have family gatherings coming soon and health issues that will be resolved somewhat in the next month or so. Just didn't want you to think my lack of comments meant I'd quit checking your site.
    Have a great week Michael, I will try and check in when possible. Stay safe, and send my regards to Mr. Tigger.

  2. p.s. Caribou Barbie = Palin, in case you were not aware of that handle she had from some of us.

  3. No problem with the family get togethers and especially the health issues -- as to the latter, stay as well as you can. And family gatherings, provided no one gets, um, obnoxious, can be very good for the soul...even my own small immediate family (siblings/mom)...we tend to avoid politics. Mom will make a crack about Obamacare being the source of the world's (i.e., her) troubles, and we'll just kind of slide over it.

    As for voting...well, I did vote for the guy, but never as anything other than...he's the Democratic candidate, and they tend to be the lesser of evils. As I've said before, c'mon: a Harvard Law Review Editor/Law School Grad? That's being groomed, as Martin Sheein put it in Apocalypse Now re: Brando/Kurtz, for the corporation. And unlike Brando/Kurtz, Obama never wavered. Sure, a couple of years in community service...when he was young and could afford it. But then, career track all the way.

    Do I like that? Not particularly. On the other hand, what was the choice? McCain? Ack. Caribou Barbie/Princess Dumbass of the North Woods (I like that one, too)...Mitt and what he REALLY thinks (47 percent)? Paul Ryan, the flimflam artist (Krugman's description)? Obama is definitely less evil. And, not that I'm nearly as cynical as the real pros, but I figure at this point, that's probably about as good as we can expect: Obama/Clinton/Hillary Clinton...the country fell under the spell with Raygun's lunacy and lies, and it's not like the corporate press corpse (sic) will ever point out the reality. Sigh. little as I expect from Obama and the Dems, watching the Repugs declare war is an eye opener. They've literally tried to sabotage this administration (in contrast, old John Wayne once admitted he voted for Nixon over Kennedy, but sure didn't want the latter to fail)...whether is strictly race or not (probably not strictly race, but...)...they sure don't mind pandering to the overt racists....and if they can keep a moderate Dem from succeeding, they can really push the money up to the top. Which is what they want: a new guilded age, with the rest of us as day laborers/temps.

    Retirement can't come soon enough.

    Well, again, take care of yourself, no problems on the family matters, and good luck on the health front.

    And Tigger says "meow." In a good way.