Tuesday, October 14, 2014

"No Ill Intent"

From Album 5
I mean, it's just a public office holder calling for...a military coup. What's the harm in that?


  1. Multiple comments today. First off, she must have never been in the US military nor have a close family member who was. When you re sworn into US military,( well in "my" day 1968) we took an oath to defend the US Constitution. That same document describes the president as the ultimate CIC, Commander-In-Chief of ALL US military forces. Therefore, a military coup would be unconstitutional and highly illegal, treason actually I believe.
    Second, does this gal not look the type who might fall for the clown from your post yesterday? Bets that she sees him as a real "he-man" type. Well, my only knowledge of he-man types is a cartoon from the 1980's or about that time. I only know of the cartoon as I sometimes catch Cartoon Network program "Robot Chicken" and they have poked fun at that show and the characters from it.
    Third, how close, need a Constitutional lawyer for this I suppose, was her comment to actual treason? Might it not be a good thing to investigate her for possible treason? And no, I am NOT at all any "fan" of the (ig)Nobel piece Prizident, the drone king, Obama. Still, he IS the president and was freely elected, or as freely as any "win" office in the US of A now days. Hell, even lil' Booby was elected as governor here, twice. Just asking. Curious minds do that sort of thing.
    Stay safe Michael. Hi there Tigger. gives Mr. Tigger a long distance ear rub)

  2. Again, the sheer childishness...just astounding. Hell, I didn't much like either Bush, but no, I didn't call for a coup (not that I'm important anyway), but...neither did any Democratic official...and that was AFTER the shady deals that got him into office in the first place (and the re-election, which was helped by, among other things, an early version of the whole deny-the-vote scheme). I remember exactly ONE reference to Shrub being a Hitlerian tyrant -- a short You Tube clip in a Move On contest -- that had the entire wingnut sphere hollering like stuck pigs. They were equally rancid when Dick Durbin made an ill advised Gestapo reference...in reference to not Shrub, but the Abu Ghraib (however you spell it) guards...who didn't exactly make the military proud, considering a couple are still in the brig, I think.

    No, Democrats didn't much like Bush -- or Cheney -- but the political leadership wouldn't even talk impeachment, much less indictment over...stuff like torture. But wingers call for a coup, because...because...they're sore losers. Well, shit, if they act like children, they should be treated like children...but instead yer librul media insists they must be heard for...balance.


    Anyway...Tigger appreciates the affection, and you take it easy. Am enjoying the cooler, drier weather...if it stays this way, the weekend will involve outdoor cooking...I hope....