Monday, October 20, 2014

So, What Do The Initials Stand For Again?

From Album 5
It was "just a few tons a year," right? Ollie North probably thought it was a "neat idea." Oh, and the sliming of Gary Webb continues...


  1. I'd read about Gary Webb and his story about CIA and drug running some years back. A book "White out" was about that among others as I recall. Yes, they only brought in a "relatively" small(ish) amount of cocaine. Well, the CIA involved in drugs and gun running isn't exactly what I call legal. Oh, but it was OK as the CIA is on "our" side. And Ollie (the rat bastard) North was a hero. What a crock of bull that is.
    I still remember a boot camp lecture, summer of 1968, we were told that we were legally obligated to disobey unlawful orders. When Ollie told the congressional hearings into Iran-Contra that he was :just following orders" that was the SAME exact excuse the high ranking Nazis used at Nuremberg. They did not get off with that and the UCMJ was rewritten to make sure US troops could not also. But, Ollie did. Why? He belongs in prison, making little rocks from big rocks. As do many other supposed leadership types of recent years.
    Well, of course I am just an old, broken down Vietnam war vet and have no power, so my opinion is just that, nothing more.Ain't this a grand country? (Yes, I am being sarcastic with this last comment)
    Have a good week.

  2. Have a good week as well...hope your back is at least a bit better. As for the story...patriotism is the last refuge...

    And I'm pretty sure last month's -- or was it August's? -- scare mongering, the poor kids trying to flee the gang fueled violence in Central America, is the inevitable outcome of what asshole "pundit" Jonah Goldberg would call "give war a chance" (he said it about Iraq, but could just as easily apply there). War was given a chance, and, like most wars, it just amped up the misery...there and here.

    But they always end up forgetting and moving on to the next thing they can scare people about...scare them all the way to the bank.