Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The More Things Change...An Ongoing Series

From Album 5
So, what do they do if you manage to overcome the obstacles they've set up? Well, they set up more obstacles...then they try to pretend it wasn't part of the plan all along...


  1. OK, this may sound racist, BUT, it is Georgia, the South, so, I'll go out on the old, proverbial limb and say, if the Black and Hispanic folks voted for the elephant gang, their registration cards would have been hand delivered to them by a very polite courier. Do you doubt me?
    OK, that MAY have been a bit "over the top", but I'll wager it isn't too far from being true. Maybe they would not get the cards by hand delivery, but they WOULD have them IF they voted the "proper" way.
    Yes, my grandparents were all from Germany themselves or were first generation from German parents to be born in the US, so I am not either Black nor Hispanic. When I have to fill out forms where they want my race, I always write in "human". When pressed, I will admit Caucasian, but ONLY if I am forced to state it. I try my best to NOT judge anybody by skin color, sex, or any other "divisions" all of which, my opinion, are false. Big deal, so some have nicer/darker tans than I do, so what? If they can get along with me, I can get along with them. What is so damn hard with that?

  2. Oh, Hispanics absolutely...and for a time they thought they had them, at least to the point that Dubya solicited their support -- in not very good Spanish -- when running for Texas governor. Ha -- my college Spanish teacher used a clip of him to demonstrate improper use of the declarative versus subjunctive, if I remember right (and that's pretty iffy...it's been a while).

    As for black voters, I'll step back a bit -- might as well, since we're talking the return of the poll tax -- and quote, actually paraphrase A.J, Liebling. I believe he cited Louisiana ward bosses as saying something like, "Don't register your negroes...but don't forget to vote them either." And I'm sure they'd take the same attitude today.

    Again, what really angers me, though, is that this country, by hook and crook, has so much money and power that it could EASILY provide a decent standard of living and good jobs to pretty much anyone who wants one. We did as recently as the 1990s. No, not all jobs were great, but most were at least decent enough. And people took them. We could do the same, except for the almost breathtaking cynicism of the elites, and, goddamnit, the lunacy of at least some of us down here...they let themselves get stomped on simply for the privilege of slaking their own hate.