Tuesday, October 07, 2014

"The Quintessential Villager"

From Album 5
Truly a font of wisdom, that Mark Halperin.


  1. Trump? The failin' Palin? Is this clown kidding? Oh and now poor Jeb is toast? He would not get my vote anyway. None of these morons will, ever.
    As to yesterday, I have zero left to say about Rush Limpburger. He is a clown and a sick, disgusting piece of cow pie.
    Hope your week goes well.

  2. Sometimes I wonder if this is all a game -- just how stupid can they get and still get away with their comfortable punditry gigs...and then I realize it IS a game. I'm sure they go through all kinds of twists and turns to justify their lunacy, not the least being some version of "just reporting what the people want to hear." Which isn't journalism...it's propaganda, especially when "what the people want to hear" is just confirmation of what they've been told their whole lives by an elite that happily will serve them dog food and claim it's "finely textured protein," or whatever they called what was more appropriately termed "pink slime" by a former USDA agent.


    Likewise have a good week. So far, over here, so good with the work project....

    Take it easy.