Wednesday, October 15, 2014

"We Looked At The Receipt"

From Album 5
Um, not exactly news that old ordnance was found in Iraq that still had traces, or more, of toxic chemicals...many of which were designed or even manufactured right here in the US (or under license). Now, it IS news that some of these weapons -- which were so old that the late, great, and much missed Bill Hicks makes reference to them a full decade before Operation Iraqi Clusterfuck -- caused injuries or worse to the US soldiers charged with the unenviable task of disposing of them, or at least those that weren't found by Sunni insurgents and now IS.

Wingers will inevitably squawk, but the real news is, one, once again it demonstrates just how little thought is given to soldiers actually on the ground, and two, how even less thought went into Dick and Junior's hare-brained scheme.

And they're the ones to trust when it comes to security? Christ...


  1. I have read numerous articles on how ISIS or whatever it is they call themselves today captured quite a number of various weapons and ammunition from what was the Iraqi Army. Also some depots they over ran in Syria. Much made in USA, but also other countries, China, Serbia are two that I can name immediately, no doubt Britain and France included, but not so sure of them, have to go back and look again at those articles. Not a surprise really though.
    As to our troops not being fully equipped, remember how Rummy said "you go to war with the military you have, not the military you want". Tell me that is NOT a slap in the face to the troops.I also recalled a few things we Marines said to ourselves in Vietnam. The leaders at the five sided puzzle palace, the Pentagon and many high up civillian leaders, in and out of gummint would say that "Nothing is too good for our troops." Well, we took that a step further, added some truth to it. This is our result; "Nothing is too good for our troops. Unfortunately we have yet to figure out how to give them less than nothing." Now, THAT is how the ground pounders, aka; boots on the ground, aka; grunts, aka; infantry are sent off to the damn fool wars of choice. It was true of the imperial war in Vietnam and every other "conflict" since. Do not look for that to change any time soon. No profit in that shit.
    These current wars of choice, every damn one of them since 1945, have been for one thing only, the obscene profits they make for the very rich. Check out "War is a Racket" by the late Marine Corps General Smedley Butler. He wrote that short booklet in 1933 after 33+ years as a Marine Corps officer, he was awarded the Medal of Honor TWICE. In this booklet he also says, and I believe it is true, there are ONLY two reasons for war; 1) to defend OUR homes and 2) to defend the Bill of Rights. ALL other excuses (he called them reasons, it was 1933 remember) are a Racket. Pure truth, then and even more so today. It is a short booklet, available on the net even. There is a Smedley Butler foundation or something like that name and they have it online I believe. Disclaimer, I am in no way connected to ANY such organization and have no financial interest in the booklet or its distribution. I just like directing people to the truth. The man was a real hero, but he told the truth as well and being very physically brave. He was a real leader who never asked his troops to do anything he was not willing to do himself. A good book about him is titled "Maverick Marine" by Hans Schmidt. Might be at your local library even.
    Yes, I hope the nice weather holds. I get my injections in the old back tomorrow morning. Get some relief from this back pain for a few months. I put it off too long for this round. Should have agreed to get them months ago, but, we had so much going on....yeah, doesn't everybody? Well, have a good day and thanks to Mr. Tigger for his regards.

  2. Michael,
    I just ran across this and figured as one cat person to another, you may like this. Perhaps you have seen/read it before.
    Dogs have owners. Cats have staff.

  3. Oh yeah, re: war as profiteering. Just amazing how they're able, over and over again, to play the fear card...all the way to the bank. Though, if you ask me, it's a hell of a way to make a living, emphasis on hell.

    Well, good luck with your back. And...guess it's time to be staff to Tigger.'s his house. I just live here.

    Take it easy.