Monday, November 03, 2014


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OK, Landrieu may not win tomorrow, and she's never been my favorite bestest Senator evah, but good that she won't back down from an obvious point and just one of the latest examples of the hissy fit as wingnut SOP. And they'll keep doing it as long as the librul press corpse [sic] pretends it's news...sadly.


  1. Over at "Louisiana Voice" tom Aswell had a nice commentary about Ms. Mary and her truthful statement.
    I agree with her and not just in the US South. Racist attitudes are all over this country. I worked with a man in SoCal, we both built high precision radar antenna drives/drive systems and he was born in Louisiana but they moved to SoCal when he and his brother were very young. He told me of a trip the family made back here for vacation one year. They got stopped for some BS reason by a local cop. During the stop, the cop mentioned the family having two nice looking kids, an older boy and his younger sister. Darryl tried to tell the cop the other child was his brother, fortunately his dad got him to keep silent. Later, after the cop let them go, he asked his dad about what happened. His dad said that being black, they would never even think of contradicting the cop. Not healthy. He also said that his parents were told before they moved to SoCal that there was no racist crap in SoCal. BS! There was, but, it was not open as it had been, still is, here. Same with Boston. Remember how they raised bloody hell about busing in "liberal" Boston? Yeah, the South has not, is not, kind to Black folks. Sad, but true even today. The neo-cons and the Reich wingers of the loony religious types like to sweep in all under the rug. Until you admit there is a problem, you can never solve the problem. I know this first hand. You admit you have a problem, then the work of solving can begin, but not until you admit there IS a problem. All this time, and we still DO have a very real, serious problem. We CAN solve it, but we MUST admit the problem exists. For that alone, Ms. Mary deserves high marks. Oh, and no amount of cash can buy my vote for Cassidy.
    Hope you and Mr. Tigger have a great week. I may try and get to the pecan fest in Colfax Saturday.

  2. Enjoy the festival--over here took a look at your reference (from Tom requests)...the sheer degree of indignation suggests Sen Landrieu hit the nail on the head, i.e., (to paraphrase Claud Cockburn) once something is officially denied, you can count on it being true...

    When this first came out last week, I did a search for something I remembered from a while back: someone, I think in North Louisiana (Monroe?) very publicly announced he was going to 'kill the n****er." Bet he was a registered winger, and possibly a tea partier...anyway, the story's been lost, though not the stories, multiple stories, indicating that Obama has had by far the largest number of death threats lodged against him while president...and I'd guess a good number of the threats are from the states he the Deep South. Duh. By the way, I did come across a story I recall from the time it happened...I think Lamar White (who's been published on recently...good for him), anyway, White came across a real peach of a story about a black guy in Shreveport getting very badly assaulted by racist whites for the crime of having Obama bumper stickers on his truck.

    Landrieu's remark, was, if anything, an understatement. The reaction of the wingers is...shameful. Hope they can live with themselves, and that's when I wish there was a god/afterlife, for them to explain themselves to...but...guess I just have to accept as small justice that history will wonder what the hell they were thinking....

    Take it easy.