Tuesday, November 18, 2014

David Broder's Shade Would Be Proud

From Album 5
He may have shaken loose his mortal coil, but High Broderism is in full force at his former haunt.


  1. Well sure, it IS all the fault of Obama. He is a member of the donkey gang. Worse yet, he has a better tan than the elephant gang members, most of them any way. Now, those two things combined, well, just how can any sane human actually start to even think the elephants will ever try to cooperate with him?
    Good grief, have these pundits no eyes to see with?
    OK, I admit, the above was an attempt, poor though it may be, at being sarcastic. They want to shut down anything he tries to do, even if it will benefit them or their paymasters. Well, maybe not if their paymasters are to get some nice benefits, they aren't so stupid as to actually bite the hand that feeds them, but, if this came to be, they'd surely bite their tongues as they voted for such a deal. Of course they'd run to the nearest cameras to cry how they were coerced into voting as they did by the big bad darkie in the White House. Oh yes, racism IS alive and quite well in D.C.. And, the pundits, for the majority are deaf, dumb, and very blind. Must be why they are pundits in the first place, can't get or hold a real job. Oh, and their daddy has money to buy them a job as a pundit.
    Yeah, I am feeling particularly nasty today. Oh well, and so it goes.
    Be careful about the warmer weather coming, according to the latest forecast for here, with the warm temps comes rain.
    Have a safe week. And an ear rub for Mr. Tigs.

  2. Oh yeah, the warmer temps will do me good...and my wallet good as well. Nice to not hear the heater continuing to run...

    As for High Broderism...again, we've exchanged comments on this -- Obama is NOT my ideal. He's the lesser of evils, and, in a normal, sane world, I'd even be...as disappointed as I was during the Clinton administration. I kept thinking of The Big Dog, as...well...a big dog: always wanting to please his Republican masters even as they kicked him good and hard. I could never quite get exactly why. Oh, sure, they were the majority in Congress, and you've got to compromise, but...shit, you don't have to be so damned enthusiastic...you know, like a great big loyal dog who keeps trying to please, even as he gets kicked.

    I would have had more respect for Clinton if he'd maybe said something like, "hey, you've gotta deal with what you've got," or something...instead, in my mind he was the fraternity pledge who never realized he was always going to be blackballed, regardless.

    And Obama isn't that different...and Hillary would/will be not that different either.

    And, of course, the press corpse [sic] keeps up the "both sides do it" nonsense, with ZERO context, like, for instance, how public education has been gutted over the past generation, how real wages have been in decline for just as long, and how stuff like roads, bridges, and so on look like crap because "government is bad, bad, bad" means the tax base is depleted to the point of having to defer maintenance on everything...the good old proverbial downward spiral/self-fulfilling prophesy.

    Good old Ronald Raygun/St. Ronnie/Ronaldus Magnus, the Teflon president. I think the country went off the rails at that point, choosing myth over reality...and now the myths are ingrained. Good luck convincing people to reject what they take on faith...

    Sad, really, given how easy it could be to make things a bit better...but the faithful demand suffering...what was the HL Menken line? "Democracy is letting the people decide what they want, and giving it to them good and hard"?--something like that.

    Take it easy. Tigger says meow...