Friday, November 07, 2014

Friday Cat Blogging With Photoshop

From Album4
OK, am a little busy here, and this (posted previously) fits with yesterday's post about how hard it is out there for a plutocrat, the poor things (hmm, ironic there, I guess). Fine art edition.

Have a good weekend.


  1. Michael,
    Thanks for the veterans day tribute to all the good vets.
    I bet Mr. Tigger could show the rich folks a few things they need to learn. Cats do that, when you let them be cats any way. Never could figure why somebody would want a cat but try not not allow the cat to BE a cat. That never works out. I have always let the cats who shared a home with me be themselves, just as I always let people be who they are. Who am I to try and change anybody else? I may try and get them to stop self abuse or abusive behavior to others, but we have to be who we are, cats can teach that very well.
    So many of the rich seem to have an unsatisfiable greed, another thing I'll never understand. At some point one must have to admit that they have enough. Oh well, just makes me happy I didn't try to be a psychologist/psychiatrist. There are some things I'll never be able to understand even if I lived to be a million years old.
    Enjoy your weekends.

  2. Exactly -- I've likewise never figured out why people who already have so much would want...even more. I don't think that's something to be praised...just the opposite. We're all better off...when we're all better off. As for any psychological issues, well...probably yeah, a la the "Rosebud" line from Citizen Kane. Um, yeah...but you grow, and learn...or at least you're supposed to grow.

    By the way, and just an aside: early Saturday Night Live did a pretty funny parody of Citizen Kane, way back in the day. It was one of their longest sketches ever, and even had a commercial break midway through. Turns out "Rosebud" was only one of his last words, and that revolved around a silly pun about Kane just wanting a roast beef sandwich. A silly pun, but as Michael O'Donoghue said, a silly pun but an ambitious sketch. If you find it, it's worth a laugh.

    Anyway, we'll have a quiet day tomorrow. Am a little under the weather here. Ugh.

    Again, thanks for being an upstanding person -- and veteran -- and hope you have a good one tomorrow.