Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday Cat Blogging With Photoshop

From Album 5
Tigger visits a comet this week.

Have a good weekend.


  1. This is just another in the long list of great new science experiments that worked out. Just some few years ago, they flew another space craft at another comet and with the aerogel device captured actual material from the tail of a comet and got it back to earth to study. I have not followed up on what they found out from the dust they collected, but that along with now actually landing ON a comet just proves how cool real science can be. How much can we learn from this newest experiment? Time will tell. Now, ask lil' Booby Jindal how his "stop teaching evolution" in Louisiana schools will be of any use to the kids in schools here now. His batshit crazy "creationism" is useless for gaining real knowledge that can be used for the good of us all. Hell, even if all we get from this comet landing probe is a better idea of what this comet is made of, in other words, just cool new information, I think it WAS worth the money it cost. Just being able to know more about this universe IS worth the money that such experiments cost us. As my grandparents taught me, learn at least one new thing every day.
    With the access we now have to the entire world, via the internet, it is nearly impossible to NOT learn many new things every day. Real, useful things and not just the latest BS from "reality" TV either.
    Count me as all FOR real science, even if any benefits don't come from this new information for the next 50 years, new knowledge IS worth the effort. Science is not always instant gratification. It takes time, dedication, and money to do real science that may benefit us all.
    Imagine how MUCH more we could learn about the universe if we ended all these damn fool, useless, idiotic wars of choice and spent that money for real national health care and real education. Those possibilities are REAL and limitless. These damn fool wars of choice are ONLY for ever more obscene profits for the already very, very rich few. ENOUGH! Enough of the damn fool wars of choice.
    OK, enough from me for today.
    Have a nice weekend, stay warm. We may get into the 60's in a day or so, but the current forecast says we may get 100% rain chance that day. Oh well, winter arrived early here this year. And yes, climate change does NOT say no winters. In fact, the winters could even be colder, more snow and ice as the planet warms up. One study, a few years back, even said that as the planet warms, it could drive us into a new ice age. If it warms enough, the Gulf Stream may shut down, leading to a new ice age as the warm water will no longer flow North as it does now and the North will ice over and move South. Our grand kids and great grand kids may have a totally different planet than we do today.

  2. One further comment. Some years back, 2010?, even the five sided puzzle palace, the Pentagon, said that climate change WAS going to be a threat to the US military and national security. When the top military brass are concerned about climate change, how can the Reich wingers be so stupid and keep up with their denial of climate change as being real? Amazing the way stupid effects some humans isn't it?

  3. P.s. Mr. Tigger look very lonely and cold in the photo today. He should have packed a warm coat and mittens, maybe even a hat.

  4. Well, he might look a little chilled, but Mr. Tiggs is plenty comfy...despite the rain and now the cold...another night to drip the faucets...and...yes,yes, yes on science. It IS amazing what we can, for instance, just how small we really are in the scheme of things, though, thanks TO stuff like science, and the arts, and all that makes us human, how much we COULD do, if you didn't have the moral equivalent of bratty kids insisting that God deemed them our superiors...grrr...

    As for global warming, not just the military, but now the insurance companies are worried. Duh -- they could be on the hook for huge liabilities. And you've got the wingers all insisting they're "not scientists." Maybe not, but didn't they get a college degree? And isn't part of the degree something like a required science credit or three? Christ -- they're actively hostile to the basics of a liberal arts degree...probably because it's LIBERAL arts, right?

    Well...another day...time to go make dinner. Take it easy, hope you make it through the cold snap..and hope your back will be a bit better once that's over...