Thursday, November 13, 2014

How's This For A Fix?

From Album4
Dr. Roberts at their service...


  1. Oh sure, the Roberts court is so willing to let the working class and poor folks actually get something that is good for them. Yeah, when pigs fly 747's. I apologize up front as my language is not going to stay polite for this comment, but these nine "Supremes" are among the dumbest ever to hold the offices they do today. They are, the majority, dedicated Reich wingers who do not give a flying crap in hell about the people of this country. Like the US congress, I am certain they are totally owned by the Wally Streeters, multinational corporation, City of London and the other various and sundry lobbies who really run this country.Like the (ig)Nobel piece Prizident, and the members of congress, both houses, they are just figure heads who say whatever the script in front of them has them say. The idea of puppets on strings comes to mind in fact. Wow, I actually did not resort to full on "Marine speak" for my comment. Amazing, as I was certain I'd regress to some "bad" language. Well, my back IS hurting more this evening so that may account for me being nicer. Yeah, I have the tens on and it is helping some.
    It has suddenly got really cold up here. In the mid 20's for the low tonight and the next few nights even. Looks to be into next week before our high temps hit the 60's, next Thursday according to both "weather-underground" and KALB, channel 5 on the TV. And, winter doesn't even officially start until December 21/22. Might be in for a cold winter this year. Stay warm my young friend. Bets Mr. Tigger will, cats are like that, always so cool and collected, even when they are going nuts..........LOL. Oh, they ARE usually funny also.
    Have a great week, stay warm.

  2. My single small comfort with the present crop of Justices is that history will judge them, or at least the wingers, as clowns, especially Fat Tony...which hopefully bugs the shit out of him, given his inflated ego and self-opinion as some sort of intellectual. But instead, his obit will have Bush v. Gore, the most hacktackular judgement in recent history, front and center...and he KNOWS it's crap, because he prefaced it with the whole "not a precedent" line...even though the Supreme Court is ALL about precedent. Enjoy your legacy...

    And Roberts will rank with Roger Taney...

    As for the deep freeze, yep, down here, too...brrr...can't believe I spent a decade up in Wisc, where this is "normal." Well, I'll drip the faucets again tonight, and pay through the nose when the heat bill's due...sigh: welcome to climate change. As you know, GLOBAL warming doesn't mean no winter, it means unusual climate patterns--like cold spells--become far less unusual. By the way, I saw that parts of Alaska saw record high temps while we shivered...

    And Tigger says meow to you. He's mixing and matching frantic activity with sleep, forcing me to type this with one I'll leave it here. Take it easy, hope thing improve both with the weather, and your back, as soon as possible.