Thursday, November 06, 2014

Oh, Bless His Heart...

From Album 5
If you're wondering what the 1 percent of the 1 percent are worrying about...


  1. Oh no. Poor little rich guy. He has to pay higher prices for his new toys to show off to other rich pals of his. Poor little feller. I'd almost feel some tiny bit of compassion for this moron, almost, and only if I was demented. Tough crap Mr. rich asshat. Try getting by on minimum wages these days as many Americans have to try and do. So your "fine art" is getting more pricey. Tough beans and hard cheese pal. Suck it up and get on with life you moronic asshat.
    As to yesterday, oh joy (not) the elephant gang is in the majority now. Well, we are truly screwed even more so now. Mitch is a clown who could not form and original idea if his life depended on it. Same goes for the vast majority (95%?) of his "party". Not that the donkey gang has any better or more smarts. Both wings of the war party (donkey and elephant) are wholly owned subsidiaries of wally Street/City of London/zionist entity/multinational corporations. Welcome to 'Merikkka 2014. If any think 2015 will be any better, well I'd like to try living in that fantasy land for an hour or two myself, but I'll pass just the same. Reality tells me we are in for one hell of a bumpy ride.
    Have a great weekend Michael. Wish I could be more positive.
    Give Mr. Tigger and ear rub for me.

  2. Same here on wishing things weren't quite so hellish in the proverbial handbasket...but...the people, all 38 percent, spoke, and a similar number here in Loosiana will probably make Bill Cassidy our junior senator...while Diaper Dave is equally likely to take residence in the Gubnah's Mansion come 2016. Ugh.

    Interesting times...when I'd happily settle for boring...

    For some reason an old Christopher Hitchens line popped into my head (from before he went neo-wingnut) -- the problem with lesser of evils is that the evils thenselves keep getting bigger and bigger. I'm pretty sure it was with regards to the Chuck Robb/Ollie North Senate race in Virginia in the 90s. Yep, that was pretty bad...but...well, North was a nightmare, but Joni Ernst isn't exactly a relief.

    So it goes...

    Well, I'm going to enjoy the weekend, and next week's Veteran's's to your own honorable record, as well as my dad's, and all the others, well, I was going to say except Ollie, but he's probably not the only one, so...let's just say here's to you, my pop, and all the other good veterans, and there are a lot more good ones than not. Cheers to you.