Monday, November 17, 2014

Welcome To Bizarro-World

From Album 5
A couple of fine examples today...though, it's not like we haven't been down this road before.


  1. Wow. It isn't often that I read Krugman, but both of these pieces by him are great. One does sort of expect that the person who is being critical of what you say ought to have at least a passing understanding of just what it is you said. I like that Lincoln quote as well.
    As for lil' Booby, why in hell did they give him national TV air time on a Sunday morning "news" show? This just shows how the once useful show "Meet the Press" has fallen. Fallen so low that they get lil' Booby Jindal on to yak and yak, but nobody knows what he is saying. Hell, he even makes W. Shrub sound half way human. Poor lil' Booby, he is either in very low single digits as to his popularity among the tea clowns or, in negative numbers. And yet, he still "thinks"(??) he is presidential material? I am not a psychologist, nor have I ever pretended to be one, but to me, he sounds very, very delusional. Aha! Maybe that is part of his ploy. IF he is ever brought up on charges for corruption, as he should be, should HAVE been already, he can use his appearance here as part of his insanity defense. I suppose he'd rather spend time in Central than Oakdale like former governor Edwards did. Yeah, maybe that is it. Well, I hope it fails, like his bid for president surely will.
    Actually my back isn't that bad. The cold doesn't make it much worse. What I have is arthritis and other degenerative conditions in my spine. Spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease, degenerative joint disease. What does get worse in the cold is if I bump my left knee. The cold makes that hurt like bloody hell. It is very eaten up with arthritis. One older ER doctor looking at an X-ray of it about 9 years ago after I'd fallen onto it and it had swollen about three times normal size said it looked, his exact words, "moth eaten". I had to laugh at that one, he did too as he knew that i knew how bad it was. Bumping it when the temp is below 40 degrees makes it hurt bad. I try and be extra careful of it in the winter time, which has come early here this year. Another hard freeze tonight and tomorrow night according to the forecast. Then, warmer this weekend, but with rain. LOL, can't win for losing some days. well, as we used to say, some times you win, some times you lose, other times you get rained out. I've had plenty of rain outs in my 66+ years, no big deal any more.
    Stay warm and dry down there in red stick. We'll manage here. Best to you and Tigs.
    Have a great week Michael.

  2. Well, hope you don't bump your knee...ouch. As for Jindal and the rest of the clown show, sometimes I wonder if it's become a game, i.e., how far, or how low, can they go in spouting the most bat-shit insane rhetoric while still getting treated as newsworthy...I mean, what the hell, if they can get away with it, why not push the limit?

    Meanwhile, the smallest of Democratic "sins" become fodder for the ritual hissy fit. Talk about a tilted playing field. But...that's how the powers that be want it: the money gets even more concentrated at the top, while the rest of us have to scramble for the crumbs.

    And here's hoping I'll have a few nickels to rub together after the next heat bill comes in...tomorrow it's supposed to moderate, but damn...I refuse to freeze, but listening to the heater is like hearing a cash register ringing up bill...after bill...well...again, I won't freeze, and further justify for good old Tigger...and the house as well. I don't think wild swings in temperature would be good for the hundred year old frame.

    Take it easy. Off to dinner...