Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Welcome To The New Rat Race

From Album 5
Where you can run further and faster than ever...but still not get any reward.


  1. Michael,
    Yeah, the old rat race.
    I don't have time to add more now. Using a borrowed computer.
    I'll be off line, non computer access indefinitely. No, I'm not in jail or anything like that.
    I am even going to take my old iMac to get repaired, finally. The windows computer I had been using is no longer available.
    When the good old Mac gets fixed, I'll be back.
    Until then, my best to you and Mr. Tigger. I'll miss your blog, but one must do what one must.

  2. OK, good on getting the repairs done...for better or worse, a computer is a good thing to have these days. Hope you're also having better days with the better weather. Over here, am psyching myself up for some major home projects...including, if I'm brave/bold enough, a new floor. There are spots in the old floor that are concerning me. I think it's the original 100 year old floor...and while I'd love to save it, I don't have the dollars to do so. But...I think I can overlay it with something decent...provided I do it right.

    Well, take it easy, talk to you later...hope the repairs in the iMac go well.

    Tigger says meow...