Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Unfriending Continues

From Album 5
Is "hahaha" enough?


  1. Poor lil' feller, most of the comments are not giving him any sympathy. I don't think this clown should get any sympathy, nor should failin' Palin. Maybe we have finally seen the last of her. But, always some but in there, the new clown gang from the GOP/elephant gang aren't much better, except that they can speak in complete sentences. Sort of like how the drone king got elected for two terms, he wasn't Shrub/Palin. And the beat goes on as the old song went. Showing my age, yeah 67 and wondering how I lasted this long.
    Cheers Michael and an ear rub and treats for Mr. Tigger.

  2. Sorry for the extra reminder...but it's a busy week, and the post pretty much wrote itself...

    speaking of...gotta run...chores then visitors...hard to believe, but on rare occasion, guests stop by...which is nice...

  3. why she lost 4 friends,that's real funny.