Thursday, February 26, 2015

Coming Home To Roost

From Album 5
It's twilight time for The Big Chicken...


  1. Aww, poor Chris. Well, he can now get a new gig, he an join Marie and whats his name, the ex-football player and rant about how much weight he lost with a fad diet and tell us how good the food is. Hey, maybe he can get a federal prison cell across from lil' Booby. We do have federal prisons here in good old Louisiana. Right down around Oakdale if memory serves me. It's been a few months since we traveled down 165 towards Sulphur so forgive me if I'm wrong here.
    I figured you had a raised floor in your home. Yeah, tile would be a challenge that even in my good old pre-injury days would not have liked to try and do. Tile works best on a slab floor. I'd like a nice wood floor myself, but I'd want a nice bit of insulation under the wood, slab or raised flooring. Winters are too damn cold for my old bones/arthritis. Summer would be half way decent but for the humidity. Man, when the heat index hits 100+ it saps the breath out of me, and that was before they told me I had COPD and now emphysema.
    Still, I have penciled in a trip to the drag races at Erwinville on 25 April. State Capitol Dragway is holding a diesel drag race that day. March would be nice for the IHRA race, but no way I'd be able to stand near the track then. Need credentials from the IHRA for that one. Tried to get them in 2010 and they didn't reply to my request. Rather go on a Test and Tune Saturday or minor event, the track operator let me stand at track side back then. Just miss going to the races. Of course I miss not having a cat or three also. The cost to have one or more at the apartment is too high though. Now, if I could get a doctor to prescribe a cat or two for health reasons…..LOL. Hey, can't fault me for imagination.
    Looks like it may warm up, until Sunday when the rains return……..but it will still be warmer than this week, maybe.
    Just double check all your options for the new floor. Measure twice/three times, get a good price and have at it. Take your time and ask questions of the folks you buy from, if they loan tools to do the job, etc.. One tile place we used in SoCal gave lots of good information for free. They even did difficult cuts, like rounded cuts for a small, well, sort of small, fee. Start in a back room, by the time you get to the main rooms that most guests will see, you'll be nearly and expert at it. That is how I did our home in Ontario, Cal. And do NOT rush the work. Takes plenty of breaks. Remember, New Orleans was not built in one day. Not so sure about Rome……LOL.

  2. Well, thanks for the advice. I'll heed it. And, we'll see. The rooms that really need it are the main area -- the kitchen, bathroom, and two of the bedrooms already have either laminate or tile overlay. My guess is that the original floor must've seen better days in those spots before I got here.

    As for tools, yes, I'll be mostly renting the big stuff -- the nailer, the roller -- I've got a smaller nail gun and compressor for any touch ups and the baseboards. And yes...I intend to be VERY careful with measuring, etc. Some time back I had to redo some shelves I was building because I was off by only a quarter of an inch...but it was enough. Lesson learned...the hard way. Well, better to learn on stuff like shelves. They're a nice addition, but weren't the floor.

    Have fun at the dragway. Have never been there. but years ago -- and I mean years ago...I guess just over twenty-five years ago...before I moved up to Madison I was working here in BR as a bellhop at a local hotel and picked up an NHRA safety official at the airport. I'll tell you, he was THE nicest person I might have encountered during my brief employment at the place. The hotel had forgotten to pick him up, so I was obviously apologetic on their behalf...but he didn't take it out on me, and even gave a decent tip. I recall he was an ex-fireman from Tennessee...and just a real nice person.

    Geez, sorry about the COPD. Seriously. Take it good and easy.

    Yeah, a cat would be nice, but I'm guessing they won't prescribe. Damn. Of course, you'd want one that's maybe...not so active. Some prefer just sitting...Tigger likes to chase stuff...but only when I'm part of the show.

    Well, am outta here for the weekend. As for Christie, yeah...Oakdale's almost too good for him. Poor old (if I remember his name right) Dan Siegelman of Alabama had to spend some time there after the Rethugs and Karl Rove particularly framed him on a phony pay-for-play charge. Meanwhile Christie et al do the real thing...and it's just business as usual.

    Damn. Well, he'll never get elected president...which is small justice, but it'll have to do...

    Catch you later.