Friday, February 06, 2015

Friday Cat Blogging With Photoshop

From Album 5
On Bascom Hill in Madison, with Bascom Hall, to celebrate The Wisconsin Idea. No, I wasn't aware of it during my time there, but damn if it's not about as good a mission statement as it gets. I'm even more proud and humbled to call UW my alma mater.

And Scott Walker is an idiot.

Have a good weekend.


  1. Michael, congrats on being a Badger then. Glad you were a part of it all. I was born in Burlington, Wisconsin. It is about 35 miles South and a bit West of Milwaukee as I recall. have not been in that part of the country since the summer of 1972. Got out of the USMC in June that year and went to visit my Dad's parents who were then in a nursing home. My grandma had had a massive stroke and couldn't even speak and grandpa could not care for her alone. They were well cared for at that home and grandpa told me it was like a home coming as all the old friends of theirs who were still alive, their generation were there any way. I spent the summer working on my uncle Freds' farm. Bailing hay in Wisconsin summer is not fun, but we enjoyed being there, I sure did.
    We moved to SoCal in the spring of 1959. Dad got a better position with the company he was working for and they transferred him out West. I never had to drive in the snow and ice, lucky me….LOL.
    So, Walker surviving a recall makes him "stronger"? Maybe that is what lil' Booby needed to boost his standings then. Ha, ha, recall Jindal, NOW! Actually, lock the crook in Angola and toss the key into the deepest part of the Gulf. Along with his hind end kissers as well. Yeah, I am feeling a bit nasty tonight. LOL, I got my steroid injections in my spine Thursday morning so the back is better for a few months now.
    Have a great weekend. Mardi Gras is almost upon us. Don't overdo it……LOL.
    Give Tigger and ear rub and a treat for me.

  2. Promise no overdoing it with the holiday(s). That was my younger self. These days -- a day off, a little rest, and if I'm up to it, getting the grill going is my speed.

    Walker really, really irks me. Much as I liked Madison (minus the weather), Scott Walker types are far more plentiful than you'd expect. They've, well, drank the Kool-Aid and are true believers in sticking the people who've already been skewered. And then they claim the high moral ground (abortion, explicit appeals to religion, etc.). Damn, they...make me angry, sad, you name it.

    Don't know if I ever hit Burlington, but I'm guessing the Alpine Valley stage is nearby. Went and saw the Allman Brothers Band (alas, minus Gregg, though of course no chance to ever see him); anyway, that was 1991, I'm pretty sure, based on my recollections of the drive down and back.

    Walker, like previous Wisconsin regressives (am thinking Tommy Thompson and, earlier, Tailgunner Joe), is...a charlatan. Though, if that's the best they've got, well...hahaha. Sure, he gets the angry white male vote, which can put you over the top up there, but fortunately at least some of the rest of the country has a soul.

    Well, back to stuff here. Did some living room furniture rearrangement over the weekend. Tigger actually doesn't seem to You know how cats can be, though, when their routine is disrupted.

    Take it easy.