Thursday, February 12, 2015

In Other News, The Sky's Still Blue, The Grass is Still Green...

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And Lamebaugh's head is so far up his ass he can taste what he had for breakfast...


  1. Ah yes, old Limpburger "knows" all. Oh yeah, since when? He is such a moronic asshat, he gives real moronic asshats a bad name. Limpburger is in a class (as in NO class) of his own. I also think he is in a world of his own. He seems to exist in his own place in what passes for his mind. Well, as I often say about things like Herr Limpburger, it's all mind over matter. If you don't mind, it don't matter.
    I no longer mind Limpburger, haven't for many years in fact.
    The very first time I ever heard of Rushbo was way back whee the inter webs was just an old dusty wagon trail. I refer to the early 1990's. We still had our original TRS-80 with all of 48K of ram and REAL 5 ¼ inch true floppy disks for every program. The only access to the "web" of that time for us was of course dial up with a 28k modem and the old, original CompuServe. Yeah, the really old days of what is now the inter webs, full of tubes and CATS.
    Any who, we were on the CB channel, we had a group on one of the channels of the CB deal, basically the same gang every night. Somebody mentioned Rush. Well, me being a great fan of classic rock, I came back with "Yeah, Rush. Damn good band, great music." I was told, NO, not THAT Rush. This new Rush was a talk radio show guy. OK, says I, I'll hunt for his show on the Lost Angeles radio stations. Found his sorry crapola on the AM band, a band that we hardly ever listened to since I think the station on Am back then was KMPC, they played big band music most all day. Having had a great Dad who loved that music, I grew up with Glenn Miller, the Dorsey brothers, Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Cab Calloway, Benny Goodman, etc.. I had KMPC if that was the station I think it was on my truck radio and the wives' car radio.
    Any who, I found Rushbo on some AM station, listened a few times and said to myself, the REAL Rush kicked ass musically, this "new" Rush was crap on his best days and worse than fresh cow lies on new boots most of the time.
    But of course, Rushbo "knows" why Stewart is quitting. Hell, after 15 years of doing this show, I'd bet he is just plain worn out. Also, having a member of the elephant gang as POTUS will be SO easy for a good comic and good writers that they won't even have to invent things to rib such a POTUS over. They just need do as Will Rogers was said to have done and Mort Saul did, just read the newspapers. No need to "invent" stuff, just tell what they did. Like old W. Shrub, nobody needed to invent much during his eight years as POTUS, just report what he did or said. Hell, going after politicians is SO easy and the elephant gang makes even this so much easier, they almost ought to be paid royalties for writing the material for the comics.
    OK, there I go again, getting too long winded. Yeah, Rushbo, the absolute "fount of all knowledge". My hind end!
    Cheers Michael. Oh, and an extra ear rub for Mr. Tigger. Maybe even an extra treat as well?

  2. Michael,
    Totally off topic, but you may like this one anywho. On the al-Jazeera web site is an article--- 2015/2/10/why-pope-francis-speech-will-get-us-legisklatures-squirming-in-their-seat.html?utm_campaign+wklynewsletter021215&utm_medium+email&utm_source=editorialnewsletter.
    As I have told this blog many times, I neither follow nor believe in any religion. As to my personal philosophy, I do like the old joke about the menu at a Chinese restaurant, one from here, another from there, a desert, a drink, etc., etc.,etc.. Yeah, I use bits I like and feel I can live with, discard the excess crap (my opinion of course as to what is crap) and make it up, add to it or subtract from it as I go along. I DO try every day to treat ALL the way I want to be treated. That predates any of the current religions and IS a damn nice way to try and live. Hey, you just might be the only person who acts that way to another person on any given day. In fact, be trying to be that way, you just may be the highlight of the day for somebody. I never expect to ever be repaid in kind, doing so, to me, would negate the whole idea. Again, just my personal opinion. My reward, if one can even call it such is just knowing that I tried my best to be polite and show others at least a minimal respect just because they exist. Maybe if more of us tried to do this, the world might be a nicer place for more of us. Skin color is NOT ever a factor to me, just because some have nicer (darker) tan than I do is no excuse to treat her/him differently.
    I can tolerate others beliefs, as long as they do not try and push such beliefs on me. If I am supposed to respect their beliefs, then in fairness, they need to respect mine. I never have, nor would I ever try, to get others to follow my beliefs. I am NOT a leader, even though the Marines did send me to NCO school, I detest being any sort of leader. I am not one and never want to be, I'd refuse it if given to me. When one supervisor told me he wanted to make me the lead man in our department, I asked him what I had done to piss him off. After we talked for about 15 minutes, he relented and let me get back to doing what I did best, my own job. And yeah, I tend to distrust many who want to be the leader. I always ask why, yes, at times, when allowed, I ask them face-to-face. IF I am convinced the person has good ideas and intentions, I have supported such people before and may do so again.
    Live and let live; and do NOT make the other person feel inadequate or unworthy. To each his/her own, as long as they do not harm the innocents Yes, sort of like the first rule for doctors, I think it is; first, do no harm.
    Sorry for the long rant, but I just wanted to get this out, run it up the old flag pole and see if anybody salutes as it were.
    Cheers, and thanks for your blog and allowing me to comment here. If I ever get out of line, I will not hold it against you if I get banned. I can get very nasty, but I do try and stay polite, particularly to those who are at least half way decent to me. You have been that and very tolerant of my rants. Thank you very much sir.
    Cheers, and have a great week, It is supposed to get quite cold here tonight. Stay warm.

  3. Yeah, Charlie, I could never figure out Lamebone either -- couldn't find him on the radio in Madison, but then he got a TV show, so I thought I'd take a look. Good god how awful. And it wasn't just the grind-your-teeth-stupid politics. He just stunk. Lousy voice, terrible presence...what on earth? I mean, sure, there are a lot of idiot shitbirds out there, but even they want someone moderately entertaining...right? Well...

    Makes you wonder...

    Anyway, I'll take a look at the article about Pope Francis. Again, amazing -- it's not like the guy is totally removing the Catholic church from the Dark Ages...he's just saying, hey, that Jesus feller spent at least some time suggesting we could do slightly better than being narcissistic, bratty, puerile, selfish dicks.Duh.

    It's like with Obama -- do you think the real powers behind the throne, here or at the Vatican, would EVER let someone come in unvetted? Hell. No. Both Obama and Francis were thoroughly known. One was a Harvard Law Review editor (i.e., taking the career path track, like in the movie Apocalypse Now when Willard says they were initially training Kurtz "for the corporation."); Francis was an archbishop in Argentina...where he helped smooth over the rather ugly years of The Dirty War (you probably know about the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo, who spent years publicly defying the junta by pressing them for information about their murdered children)...But...

    We've gone so far off the tracks that ANY suggestion of maturity and/or common decency is taken as "socialism." Meanwhile, they'd be the first to go apeshit if their own socialism (intellectual property, fancy finance backed by implicit or explicit government guarantees, etc.) was pulled from them.

    Well...tomorrow is the Spanish Town Mardi Gras parade. It's gotten pretty big these days. I'm not on the parade route, but I'm close enough that people will be parked all around here, and I'll be boxed in for the might as well have some fun and enjoy it. At least the weather should be nice.

    Take it easy, have a good one, and Tigger sends his best...