Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Just What We Need...Another Banana Republican

From Album 5
And not even an original, but a stale rehash of the last one. Plus, you've gotta love the passive "mistakes were made" crap. A friend of mine from Central America used to mock the pipsqueak (but deadly for locals trying to eke out a living) pashas of the various juntas and deathsquads by affecting a gravely voice and intoning, "yes, mistakes were made...but you must remember, it is a war...and in a war, people die."

No shit. But never the ones demanding the war...


  1. Two thing really stuck out for me from the links. One, Jeb is the guy W. was trying to be. If we liked Mr. 5 deferments, we'll really enjoy Jebbie.
    The second, from the second link, funny how that worked out, was the family catch phrase; "Mistakes were made". Yeah, mistakes. Now it is always interesting how some folks use that crap. I remember the first job I had after I got back to SoCal after my Marine enlistment was done. My shop foreman had this saying, so true, why is it that we never seem to have the time to do the job right the first time, but we always seem to find the time to do it right when we do it over? Well, ya see boss, mistakes was made. Yeah, too bad Pat didn't accept that crap and I for one took it to heart. The one time I did mess up an order, he came to tell me about it, I said yes, that was my signature on the order sheet for that job. No sir, I do not remember it. I was the only one in that department on night shift, ran five machines and could no way remember every order that came through on any given night shift. He tried to come up with reasons why I messed it up. I looked him square in the eyes and said, "No Pat, I messed up. Now, do you want me to redo it or do you want somebody else to do it over?" He sort of went silent for a few seconds. Apparently, I was about the first employee who did not try and make excuses for messing up something. I said NO, I doubt I misread my micrometer, I just screwed up plain and simple. I promise to try and never do anything like that again, IF you don't fire me that is. I think I earned a bit of true respect from him that day. I hope I did. When I did quit, young, sort of, and impatient, he told me if I ever wanted to come back, he'd hire me and find a spot for me no matter what. Dad taught me to try and never make the same mistake over and over. Dad also taught me that those who never make a mistake are those who never do anything. Now, that last does not apply to the clan Bush, nor the vast majority of US politicians, but that is another story completely, as we both know. Politicians are a class by themselves, they can make the same mistakes again and again, hell, they never have to answer for them even. Surely not today when the average "reporter" is not much more than a too highly paid stenographer. No offense to stenographers, they do preform vital functions, but a reporter should not allow throw away, bullshit answers and then not demand the question get a real answer. Yeah, Helen Thomas was the last of that breed of REAL journalist in the US of A.
    Notice I didn't even mention NBC/Brian Williams? That would have been way too easy. Should we kick him when he is down? Well, my DI in boot camp would have said damn right, since his face is now closer to your foot! Still, I'll pass on Brian, for now.
    Get well soon Michael. Stay healthy Tigger.

  2. There's a hell of a difference between the passive "mistakes were made," and "I made a mistake." never heard Shrub fess up, well, I think once he vaguely said something about how "bring 'em on" might not have been the best response to the initial flare up post-Mission Accomplished. No shit. Ya think?

    Hell, a few years ago I made a couple of major errors that cost us several days while we had to restore several hundred gigabytes worth of data I rendered my defense, it was an honest mistake, made in good faith...but I fessed up right away, and ate my crow and humble pie. Not with these guys. Rumsfeld acts like an asshole who got away with it, Paul "lick my comb" Wolfowitz behaves similarly...

    Jeebus, it makes me furious. Worse still is that they won't learn, but will happily send even more into the maw that's their own creation. No, I didn't like Saddam Hussein, but I'd sure take him over the ISIS assholes.

    Oh, and Brian Williams has a buddy -- Bill O'Reilly: to chores here. Am a bit better today, but still on the downside. At least tomorrow's Friday.

    Take it easy. Tigger says meow.