Tuesday, February 24, 2015

More Like Hewitt-less

From Album 5
Hugh carries water for the tribe...figuratively, of course. I doubt seriously he could carry his own cafeteria tray...


  1. Oh joy (not) little Hugh Hewitt. What a twit! I remember him from when I lived in SoCal. On the main Lost Angeles PBS TV station (KCET if I recall) he was on a weekly ½ hour program with two other ding-dongs who yanked on and on about politics. The woman was a supposed liberal who always had a different hat each week. The other guy was semi-neutral. Of course as Howard Zinn said, you cannot be neutral on a moving train. Any way, I thought little Hugh was an absolute moron back then. While his name has popped up from time to time recently, I had no idea he was still considered worth the time. Well, having followed the link you gave above, I will say, he is NOT worth my time, ever again. What an asshat.
    Was he trig to be Billy O lite? Calling him a total loser is too kind, asshat is even too kind, but I will not stoop to Marine speak on your blog, not for that foolish idiot. Poor Bill O, he tries so hard to be macho, in his dreams! Damn coward is what he really is. A big blow hard wind bag, not unlike Limpburger.
    Sorry for going off on a rant, but these idiots get to me. So deluded with their own false self importance.

  2. Dang it all. Hit publish before I was done. Not much rain here today, it was supposed to be really wet. Tomorrow says 10% rain chance on Weather underground, but not quite 0.5 inches of rain total. Oh, it should, I hope its right, get warmer also.
    Stay dry and warm.

  3. So, Hewitt (less) gets a PBS slot...well, figures: Faux is far right corporate, the other outlets tend towards slightly less far right corporate, and PBS, the "librul" network, gets funding from...the Kochs, Exxon Mobil, and so on. There's your range of opinion. Sigh.

    And hell, I'd let them have their "equal time," IF they didn't turn into hogs and demand ALL the time. Christ.

    Well...overr here more rain today, and cold...but not below freezing, so my water pipes won't freeze. That's a relief. We'll see about tomorrow. Meanwhile, I'm trying to psych myself up for a major home improvement project: new floors. It's time. Two rooms were already overlaid before I moved in, and the remainder is...showing it's age (100 years). I think they could be fixed, but it'd probably cost double...and there's no subfloor, so that'd have to be added. So...the old floor becomes the subfloor. Hope I can do it right. The book says not easy, but not hire-a-contractor difficult. And it won't start tomorrow, but I do need to measure, measure again...and measure again...and then start pricing. Wish me luck.

    Take it easy. Time to go feed Tigger...again. Hahaha.