Tuesday, February 10, 2015

No Matter How You Slice It

From Album4
He's still bogus.


  1. NO! Not Paul Ryan again. Can we never be rid of this moronic asshat? He goes to liberal bookstores? OK, name one. Seriously, I bet that at most there is one, OK, maybe two such in Louisiana. Now, back before I moved to CenLa, there had been a few in old SoCal, but that was 15 years ago now. For all I know, they are gone or changed into second hand shops. Oh, and just for grins, define what liberal means in the US of A in 2015. Surely NOT the drone king, Nixon was more liberal, real liberal than the drone king.
    I have a t-shirt that says 2L4O. Too liberal (or left) for Obama. I have worn it around town a few times. Got some odd looks from various folks, but not one single question. Well, at 67, what do I need be afraid of? I know I am long past my sell by date, so I'll just do my own thing and let the chips fall where they may.
    Paul Ryan, destroyer of any social program that helps the working class or poor people of the US of A. All the funds his rich pals want though. Yeah, he is a total asshat in my opinion. If I'm too liberal for the drone king, wow, makes me understand where I am as far as P. Ryan goes, GITMO………LOL. Let him try, I am a combat vet and he isn't.

  2. And Ryan, even more amazingly, avoided god only knows what thanks to...yep, Social Security survivor benefits. His dad died when Ryan was young, and the benefits helped fund his college education. It's amazing how tone deaf/blind spot they are.


    Oh, I'm well left of Mr. Obama as well...no disrespect for the guy, but my preferences run well left...but, lesser of evils..AND look how the fat cats try to tear into him. Imagine what they'd do to a real populist (like how they tried to trash Elizabeth Warren, for instance)...

    No, we're in for a bumpy ride, but, I guess that's always the case. Too bad they've managed to convince so many people to ignore their own interests...