Monday, February 02, 2015

This Week, It's Christieshambles

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Another winger doesn't exactly wow them across the pond. Oh, and while he did walk back his remarks somewhat (this from the ground zero guy during the Ebola panic), Rand Paul stepped forward to challenge for the title.

And...damn, wish I could remember where I read this, but someone today suggested Obama should come out strongly in favor of breathing, just so we could see a bunch of people turn blue pandering to the white-hot-rage-hater base.


  1. Good grief. All this anti-vaccination crap has got to stop. NOW! Holy crap, who are these nut balls who are so afraid of getting a shot that can prevent diseases? Yeah, when I was a kid these vaccines did not yet exist, hey I am 67. I got measles, rubella (it was called German measles then, maybe still), mumps, and chicken pox. I think nearly every kid back then got all or most off of them.
    Now we know for a fact that some of them are very dangerous and kids did and still DO die from measles in poor nations, and soon the US of A will have that same situation if enough morons stop getting their kids vaccinated. Come ON people, this is now 2015. Put away the moronic, highly STUPID stuper-stitions. Yes, I did write stupor-stitons as in them being very STUPID. We have medical science to back up these facts.
    A post at the web site Mother Jones has a short list of 6 facts about measles. It CAN be deadly to some people. What next, reintroduce smallpox? How about the plague? Yeah, that will make the loons so happy, a return of the Black Death. Oh the "joys" of the dark ages of human stupidity.
    Reminds me of a supposed quote by Einstein where he said that there are only two things that are infinite, the universe and human stupidity and he wasn't so sure about the universe. Talk about reverse evolution. Looks like all the huge cuts to education in the US of A has worked out well, we are becoming a nation of stupid. Wait, make that STUPID, with lil' Booby Jindini among others leading the way into that abyss of extreme stupidity.
    Sorry for going off so long on this, but damn, this is crazy. An eye doctor, Rand Paul is supposed to be one, ought to be better informed. When I had the German measles as a kid I had to keep the curtains closed in my bedroom and was not allowed sunlight until it had run its course. Not sure if that is still part of the current treatment today, but we Do have vaccines to keep kids from going through that misery. Trust me, it was no fun being sick with those diseases. Oh, and having had chickenpox, that stays in the body and can come back as shingles, not something I hope to ever have.
    OK, I'll end this rant, sorry for going on so very long Michael.
    Hope you and Tigger have a great week.

  2. A NY Times article and video asked "How did we get to this?" today and Athenae over at First Draft answered pretty succinctly: by taking the childish ravings of petty lunatics seriously for a generation or more.

    And I'll admit there are a few on the librul spectrum who've pushed the anti-vaccine nonsense...the same ones who think they're somehow special because, in addition to superior genetics, they're also about politics making strange bedfellows.

    Damn, it irks me: acting like bratty ten year olds. Hell, why don't the all "Go Galt," as the saying went following the Kenyan Usurper's initial victory? Oh, right: because they wouldn't last twenty minutes in their alleged "small goverment" ideal..


    Well, lemme go. Would type more, but Tigger's using one of my hands as a pillow...