Thursday, March 05, 2015

A Nothingburger

From Album 5
There are plenty of reasons to be wary of a Clinton candidacy -- or administration -- but not a phony inside-the-beltway-very-serious-people-Villager-non-scandal. They're bullshitting for the sake of getting the band back together...for more bullshitting. it or not -- and I don't -- but Clinton's likely the lesser-of-evil option. Hell, you think the REAL powers that be would let Bernie Sanders  -- or Elizabeth Warren -- hold the office? Laff...


  1. We both know that Sanders and Warren have almost as much of a real shot at POTUS as a snow ball has in a volcano when it is erupting. Less than zero.
    This Fournier guy wants a "ethical, transparent" campaign? Well, he should be all over our governor then. We, here in lil' old Louisiana have the "gold standard" for ethics and he has run the most transparent government this state has ever had. OK, now, I hope that did not make you throw up all over your keyboard. It was meant to be very sarcastic as we know that Herr Jindal was neither of those and I bet he never could be, ever. But, this Fournier guy wants that sort of B.S., so, he ought to be pushing Herr Jindal for all he is worth.
    As to the "scandal", well, what else is new? So we have Hi-Larry supposedly breaking some rule or other. Now, I am not so old and jaded that I no longer care, but, as the second link says, until there is some reporting, some news, who cares? Also, as the first link stated, the election is 20 months away. Yep, November 2016. Man, we are not 10,000% certain that Hi-Larry will even be the donkey gang nominee. No doubt she most likely will be, BUT,it is NOT dead certain. Yet……..LOL.
    As for weather, the Weather underground forecast says we get rain Sunday and Monday. At least a bit warmer and dry until then. Hope the sink hole doesn't get too big.
    Well, just follow Tigger and stay warm and dry. Cats are so smart, or is it lazy? LOL, both.

  2. Well, it's hard to call the feline lazy...every evening he's waiting for me to get home so he can play...and when he's bored with the toys, well, my hands and arms make easy targets for claws and teeth.

    But no, his energy doesn't extend to chores. But that's ok. He's a good cat...and has certainly done his part in dispatching the odd roach now and then, so...kudos.

    Fournier is, as I'm sure you know, a hack. He defended Team Bush big time back in the day, which speaks volumes about his commitment to guess is he'd do the same for booby.

    As for Hillarity, well, again, strictly lesser of evils...I don't thinj she's any worse than anyone else they'll allow, but that says volumes, doesn't it? Hell, if they do it right, she'll even cut the "Grand Bargain" --i.e., slash the safety net even further...which puts even more money in the big shots' greedy hands,,,and then they'll insist it's "the best deal...under the circumstances"

    Rinse, repeat...that said, the flip side of the coin is even worse...Jeb? Ted Cruz? Christ, they OPENLY advocate the impoverishment of as many people as possible...while claiming it's "God's will."

    THAT makes me throw up...

    Anyway...well, the sinkhole's not getting bigger, fortunately. Tomorrow I'll get out in the yard, mow some grass with my old non-powered mower, and maybe dump some dirt or gravel in...the bricks are still in place, and with a layer of concrete or polymeric sand maybe it'll hold this time. Then we'll see what happens when the rain hits.

    Well, time to get going over here. Take it easy. Hope you own weekend goes well...minus the rain. At least it won't be as cold...