Wednesday, March 04, 2015

And What About Fluoridation, Dr. Carson?

From Album 5
Well, this has to rank right up there with General Ripper's, um, theory...except that Ripper's a movie character, and not a real-life presidential candidate.


  1. Whatever school gave this clown a medical degree needs to be audited and then possibly shut down, forever. Bad enough that a politician said something this stupid, but to top it all off, this clown is supposedly a real MD type. Amazing. Simply amazing. As we used to say; "only in 'Merikkka".

    Well, we will see about the climate change tonight/tomorrow from the forecast I have up here in Alexandria. We might, yeah, might, get up to 40 degrees F. tomorrow. And it was near 80 today. Yes, unusual weather patterns will become more usual, that is climate change.
    Hope you can stay warm and dry.

  2.'s cold down here. but the freezing rain held off...though I'll be dripping the faucets. Yep. welcome to climate change.

    Anyway, I guess Carson kind of apologized, though of the typical politician bullshit non-apology, if-my-words-offended, etc., variety. He sure has learned the drill quick...

    Well, back to stuff. Hope the wintry mix wasn't too awful, and that you can ride it out. Tomorrow and Saturday are at least supposed to be sunny around here. The rain did a number on the sinkhole repair, but it's salvageable..maybe pour in a sack of Kwikcrete and let it set.

    Take it easy.