Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Call Kerry The Bus Driver

From Album 5
Because he took Marco Rubio to school.

More seriously, are they that dumb or cynical? The Middle East isn't a mere political sideshow, and having some basic understanding of the region might even save real lives and real money. Christ.


  1. If these elephant gang clowns had one quarter of a functioning brain cell, they'd almost be dangerous. We don't want to fight ISIS because we don't want to upset Iran? Is Rubio serious? This moronic asshat is actually a US senator? Holy hell, this country IS in deep foo-doo. ISIS is Sunni, Iran is Shia, Sunni and Shia have been at each others throats for centuries. And the kicker was how Rubio, aka rubber ducky, says HE has foreign policy creed as opposed to the governors who may be running for POTUS. Oh, did he mean Herr Jindal and his "Islamic no-go zones"? Heck Mr. Tigger has way more foreign policy cred than Herr Jindal can ever have if he lived another ten thousand years. And, I bet Tigger has the claws to back up his cred.
    WEll, try and stay dry. Tomorrow looks to be wet up here in CenLa.

  2. And Iraq is, as you know, mixed but majority Shia...including the factions at least nominally supporting us. Jesus, pun intended, they opened up a monster can of worms when they decided (to mix metaphors) the best course of action was to whack the hornet's nest. Damn...

    And they're so damn dumb they don't know basic the difference between Sunni and Shia, and how that plays out.

    But they're going to "bring democracy" to the region? How'd that work out? Remember ol Booby's purple finger when he was up in Washington?

    They'd fuck up a two car motorcade. And now they're getting back together. I saw Doug the-dumbest-fucking-guy-on-the-planet Feith had an op-ed in (I think) the Wall Street Journal. Good lord...

    OK, enough grinding my teeth. Take it easy. Still muddy around these parts, but at least it's not cold...