Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Christ, Imagine Having To Sit Next To This Guy...

From Album 5


  1. OK, he needs to go hang out with that Zimmerman creature. Just because a human being does NOT buy any sort of doG does NOT mean we do not think there is right or wrong. In fact, I'd bet that more non-believers in any doG are better at being nice to each other than any followers of any doG that is still worshipped by cretins like this asshat duck call maker.
    I quit organized religion at age 13-14 and I have done my best every day since to treat all I come in contact with every day the way i want to be treated. This is the type of believer that surely must make those who do buy into religion wince if not worse. It should any way. His sort of rubbish went out centuries ago, he is just too damn stupid to know that fact. Bets he wants to bring back burning witches also. And yet, this piece of excrement has a TV show! America, what a country. Now, maybe some will understand why I have been calling the country 'Merikkka for years and will do so until I drop dead. Oh, I'd like to see this asshat and his entire tribe try to pull this crap on an old, disabled former US Marine combat vet. Maybe he could then meet his "maker".
    I know it is your birthday week and all, but two in a row? Yesterday was bad, this one is worse. Hey, I am not getting down on you, I am joking, my jokes aren't always laugh-out-loud funny. Call it my "Marine humor" if it helps any. Dark humor, or is it black humor? Well, black IS a dark color, so either works for me. Some of what we laughed about in Vietnam, well, we knew even then if we'd ever mention it when/if we got home, we'd be put in the funny farm for life. You had to have been there. At the same time, I'd not wish that (being in any damn fool war) on anybody. No, not even Zimmerman or Mr. Duck Caller. Hell, they'd end up getting their own troops killed. That is IF they didn't run for the hills the first time they were shot at. THAT is in no way a fun thing at all, trust me, been there.
    OK, time for me to end this rant. Geez, I ought to post on the old blog. It has been dark since October… me lazy if you want. I've been called everything under the sun. Dad used to say he didn't care what they called him as long as it wasn't late for supper. I got back from Vietnam, told him I had been called everything he could think of INCLUDING late for supper, more than once.

  2. Actually went over to The Soapbox earlier...yeah, this week's been goon of the day...makes for easy photoshopping -- add crazy eyes, or not with Zimmerman...well, between a bit of birthday fun and work, my time budget's been a little stretched.

    And yeah, Phil and George deserve each other, and both have earned a hunting "excursion" with old Deadeye Dick Cheney. Of course, who knows how that'd turn out? Three genuine stooges.

    Well, off to the evening over here. Actually don't mind a bit of "college" basketball, so guess I'll watch the games...but with music instead of sound. Recently listened to The Allman Brothers at Filmore East for the first time in a while. Ah...great memories, even for someone like myself who only found them in the early 80s...

    Take it easy.