Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Comic Sans

From Album 5
A rough definition could be "not funny," which makes it quite an apt choice for George Zimmerman. God, what a creep.


  1. First off; Happy Birthday!! Aha, the big 50. Congratulations.
    Zimmerman is a waste of space. He is the sort of creature that makes me ashamed of this country. To claim the killing was "god's will" really takes not just the cake, but the whole bloody bakery. All these religious folks who claim they know the will of some god or other makes me sick. He still killed an unarmed young man. Self defense? How? The man he killed had NO weapons at all.
    OK, I am going to stop before I explode with rage at this creature, Zimmerman.
    Glad you made it to 50, a milestone, or so I was told once. Enjoy the weather while it lasts.

  2. The god's will thing really gets to me, too. I mean, c'mon...aside from Zimmerman being walking, talking proof that any would-be deity is taking a hands off approach, it boggles the mind that, oh, I don't know, like Stephen Fry said, that river blindness disease would be some sort of divine plan...or a plane crash in the Alps...or 65 million deaths in the 20 century wars...

    Oh, that gets me angry...

    Anyway, on a better note, thanks for the birthday wishes. So it goes. Might as well celebrate -- and I actually have reason to. My health is ok, I've got VERY good friends, and a little orange cat who greets me every day when I come home. No complaints...well, except for the morons who think it's "gods plan" to shoot an unarmed teenager.

    Take it easy...