Tuesday, March 17, 2015


From Album 5
It'd be kind of funny if the damage Dick wrought wasn't so insanely tragic...I think I've said this before, but to indulge in a little repetition, they're like junkies needed a bigger dose of outrageously stupid statements to satisfy their rage fix...To quote Mr. Charles Pierce, they really are the mole people...and Dick's their model...


  1. I must be getting really old, OK, I am old, hit 67 last birthday, late in 2014. I read Rude Pundit and his take on the Cheney interview and well, I agree with him mostly. I do NOT in any way, shape, or form have the smallest particle of compassion for this vile cretin/creature. Mr. 5 Deferments had "other priorities" so he didn't go off to the war he loved so much in Vietnam. Well, my buddies and I in 5th Marines had our own priorities. Ours were coming home alive, and maybe in one piece, with all our original parts intact. When I think back, at least 58,000 US troops died there and countless Vietnamese also were killed in that damn fool war, well, I have nothing at all left for poor old Mr. 5 Deferments.
    Of course if his pacemaker were to go totally nuts and he dies before the medics can cart his sorry hind end to the nearest ER, well, too damn bad, but I will not be sorry to see the end of this creature who loves war, as long as he or his kids are not fighting in it.
    I'll stop now as I feel my old terminology rising. I don't want to use "bad language" on your blog.

  2. Yes, I almost ignored old Dick -- and I mean old Dick as a literal descriptive in a couple of ways -- but what the hell? The fact he even gets an interview instead of being booed off the stage and pelted with rotten fruits and vegetables is part of the problem. It was also, well, a slow day for news that I can quickly photoshop up. But, that said, yells at cloud...and what the Rude Pundit said as well. Almost a sad case, except for the fact that he's a real...dick.

    Both on Vietnam and his subsequent shambles of a career...a shambles that embodies all that is venal and stupid, even as he took his guaranteed government salary and Halliburton contracts to the bank, if not the mint...oh, and prior to that, his "genius" at Halliburton was to acquire Manville Corp...which instantly made Halliburton liable for billions in asbestos exposure liabilities.

    Hell, old Dick couldn't run a lemonade stand without government guarantees.

    OK, off my soapbox...again.

    Take it easy.