Monday, March 02, 2015

Fear The Flora

From Album 5
No, I think I'll just ignore the nutjob who thinks "enslaved to vegetables" makes any sort of sense.


  1. Oh boy, more garbage from old Pat. Well, he just proves that either there is no god, or this god does not want him anywhere near to his/her/its home land. Else wise, old Pat would have left this life long ago. Yeah, I know, I am a very nasty, sarcastic old guy. Hope you can stay dry, looks like we get rain here the next few days. Cold Thursday from the forecast as it stands now.

  2. So far, just the usual rain and mud...nothing out of the ordinary, though it looks like the insect population weathered the cold. long as they're outside, that's ok by me...though they're pretty loud today.

    Anyway, Robertson and others are proof to me that any self-respecting god, if she exists, is pretty much hands off. Who'd "create" a charlatan like him and all the others who claim some sort of divine connection? Con artists, the lot of them.

    Come to think of it, though, aren't we all pretty much enslaved by veggies? They are the base of the food chain, and...speaking just for me, I have to eat pretty much every day. Ah, it's no longer even much fun making fun of them, given that they really do screw with all of us while really playing on the fears of the genuinely weak. Hell, hell's too good for them.

    Anyway -- yeah, tomorrow's another rainy day, then...looks like a front's coming through with another blast of cold. Geez...well, at least work's going ok enough, though we're about to find out more about the re-org...they did something similar a decade ago, and it turned out more sound than action. I was less worried then, in part because I was I'm really hoping for the same. I made my peace a while back and am just hoping for a reasonably acceptable ride until I can pension out. These days guess that's all you can hope for. Sad, really: the wingers really have nothing beyond a degree of meanspiritedness...and they're relying on a base that's embraced misery-loves-company...grrr..

    Take it easy.

  3. Michael,
    One further comment on those like old Pat here. Ever listen to any Jethro Tull? From the album "Aqualung" listen to the song "Hymn 43". Yeah, as the song goes; "If Jesus saves, he'd better save himself from the gory glory seekers who use his name…….". Works for me, but then I am an old (67) heathen, so you can take it any way you wish.