Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday Cat Blogging With Photoshop

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In New York this week, at a restaurant that's done away with voluntary tipping in favor of a flat 20 percent fee. Good. Personally, I tip as generously as I no small measure because I've done tip work and know how hard it can be. And how frustrating when you get stiffed. It's time to go beyond that and pay a living wage.

OK, off the soapbox.

Have a good weekend.


  1. Personally, I am not in favor of a flat fee. If I get poor service, why should I have to pay the fee? Yes, I give a fair tip almost every time we go out to eat as I usually do get decent service. Often I give more than 20% as I have had service that seemed to be above the normal service I expected.
    I never had any job where I received a tip. In high school I worked at a local super market, sacking groceries and bringing in shopping carts. We were told to ask women shoppers we could help them load their purchases in their cars, but we were not allowed to accept any tips. I agree that working in the food services is hard work and when you get good service leaving a fair tip is the decent thing to do. I also agree with you, we need to pay the waiters/waitresses a decent wage and let the customer tip if they wish to do so. I think it is highly unfair that they are supposed to declare the tips as income. The owners/managers need to pay the staff a fair wage, and decent benefits.
    Hope your weekend is a good one. Yeah, go and grill, the rain is supposed to be over here until late next week.

  2. The best explanation I ever heard re: tipping even bad service was some guy I saw on TV...he was in the restaurant business in some way, maybe a chef(?), I forget now...but he said he always tipped, and if the service wasn't good, well, "everybody has a bad day."

    I can tell you -- I've had bad days. Working for tips, and not working for tips.

    My own .00000002 cents: if they'd just add it to the hourly wage, that'd probably be for the best. A service fee is basically spelling it out, i.e., this is how much it costs. In that case, maybe pool all the service fees and share them at the end of the night (some places do that already, and it eases the pain of getting stiffed). On the other hand, I remember more than once getting little or nothing for a job that I thought was, well, good at the very least. And the $2.01 (I think it's gone up to a whopping $2.13) ... hurts.

    Personally, I like tipping pretty generously...but I'd give it back in exchange for putting the actual cost in the bill.

    But I see your point, and a point well made.

    Speaking of well-made: minus the insect critter that sure as hell LOOKED like a hornet, but fortunately didn't attack, just observed from what was for me an uncomfortably close distance, the grilling was successful. Did up a bunch of stuff -- burgers, chicken, pulled pork, even a steak. I'll eat well without having to go out for a while...

    Take it easy.