Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Message Undeliverable

From Album3
So, Lindsey has no time for that newfangled email...but can thoughtlessly tweet with the best -- or worst -- of them.


  1. Oh joy. Lindsey Graham. Isn't he "besets buds" with old McCrazy? His comments are worthless in my opinion. I wonder if he has had an original idea in years. Bets he gets all his "original" ideas straight from AIPAC and/or CPAC.
    Try and stay dry, at least it is warming up some here.

  2. OK, it took me a while, hey I am 67 so cut me some slack….LOL.
    Lindsey doesn't do email, but he tweeted. Why? Because if I recall correctly, a tweet can only be 140 characters long. I don't do Farcebook or twitter or any of those other social media things. Just read and rant, again,it must be an old guy thing with me.
    Any way, Lindsey has more than he can manage trying to use all 140 characters in a tweet, so why would he bother with email?Yes, I did intend to be snarky. And I bet he and McCrazy DO bump butts, often. Once a Marine……LOL, ain't I a stinker? I can be, but I can also be polite, or at least fake it well enough for most to not notice that I am faking….

  3. Graham, McCain, and (remember him? Ugh) Lieberman. The Three Stooges...well, maybe three of the Stooges. They weren't lacking for company, and Cruz, Cotton, and Ernst are waiting in the wings. Gawd. What's the line about getting the government we deserve? Yikes.

    Otherwise...rainy again over here, but not deluge...yet. Haven't checked the updated forecast, which said tomorrow is dump day. Well...the sinkhole is holding. Saw a small spot that caved, but nothing serious. The gravel/dirt driveway -- mostly dirt -- is of course mostly mud. Well...can't be helped just yet. Put it on the list.

    What's truly amazing, and not in a good way, about Graham is that...the alternatives are even crazier. Nikki Haley? Mark Sanford? Geez. South Carolina was founded by slaveholders fleeing Barbados after a hurricane...and they haven't gotten any saner since. Next time they threaten to secede, hell...let 'em.

    AIPAC, CPAC and ALEC can turn them into Kansas, version 2.0...because that's worked out so well up there.

    See you later. Time to make supper and call it an evening...