Monday, March 09, 2015

Mullah Tom

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Senator Cotton cottons up to the Iranian hardliners...pun intentional.


  1. Yes, I agree that Rude Pundit hit this one squarely and knocked it right OUT of the old park.
    Iran cannot trust the gummint of the US of A? No kidding. Actually, even the cities OF the US of A cannot dare trust the gummint of the US of A. Doubt me on this? OK, then explain why there are so many organizations putting up TV ads for help for the injured US troops? We do still have the VA and one of THE main functions of the VA is to provide medical care for wounded and/or retired military troops. Yes, the VA IS underfunded. Yes the VA system is screwed up, but it was back in the early 1970's as well. I still remember sitting with Dad watching his TV not long after I returned to his home in SoCal and the local TV news was about the miserable conditions at the big VA hospital in Long Beach, California. And then Dad asks me if I ever considered going to the VA hospital! I recall looking him straight in the eyes and saying; "No sir, I survived combat in Vietnam. I have no death wish."
    One major gripe I have with every one of these TV ads for helping wounded troops is they insist on telling the public that these troops are heroes AND that they were fighting for OUR freedoms. Bullshit on BOTH of those points. They are not heroes and they did NOT do anything to protect our freedoms nor to protect this country. In truth, the wars we have been fighting since Vietnam, actually Korea, have made the US of A LESS safe. For every wedding party we drone, we create at least ten new terrorists for every member of said wedding party "we" kill with our remote controlled drones.
    YES, these poor troops who were wounded DO deserve our care, but they are not heroic and they did nothing at all to make us or the country safer. They did not fight to save our freedoms. Oh, as to our freedoms, the gummint OF the US of A has done more to limit, if not outright destroy them than ANY terrorist outfit ever.
    Sorry to go off like that, but I get so sick of the bullshit being force fed to the 'Merikkkan people via these ads on the TV day after day. It IS the responsibility of the US gummint to provide medical care and rehabilitation services to the wounded troops. IF the general public wants to chip in, fine, but it is NOT the duty of the public to do so and any who try to claim otherwise has NO clue about how the military and/or the VA is suppose to be run. Yeah, call me a pissed off old fart, or worse, I don't care.
    Dad used to say he didn't care what anybody called him as long as it wasn't late for supper. I told him after my enlistment was over that I had him beat. I HAD been called anything and everything under the sun, very seldom anything nice or good) including late for supper, and more than once.
    Yes, I am also an angry old vet partly due to the fact that it took so damn long for the gummint/VA to admit that exposure to Agent Orange was NOT good for ones health. Also, it took them so bloody damn long to admit to the fact that PTSD IS a very real, very serious condition. Now, after more failed, damn fool wars of choice, the public is supposed to be shamed into standing in for the US gummint to care for these injured troops?
    I do NOT mean to imply that we should do nothing for these poor troops who were lied to and sent off to places they couldn't find on a map until they got orders to go there. They DO deserve our compassion, but damn, it is NOT the responsibility of the working class/poor people of this country to provide the care they were promised when they signed up to join the US military. Our taxes go to fund the VA and other portions of the US gummint to provide care for the troops. Oh, and since the very top 1% of that 1% reap such hugely obscene profits from these damn fool wars of choice, let THEM pay an extra tax to provide medical and rehabilitation care for the troops who allowed these 1% asshats to reap those obscene profits.
    Senator Cotton is a total asshat who makes retarded morons look like Einstein.

  2. FYI, the Madison Wisconsin VA Hospital was pretty awful as well, at least in the mid 1990s when I drove a cab for a few months and occasionally dropped off or picked up folks there. Yikes...worse than Earl Long/Charity.

    As for Cotton and his ilk, Billmon (on Twitter -- don't use it but can hit it on the internet), anyway, Billmon, who used to have a damn good blog called Whiskey Bar, posted a series of tweets (and he's about the only person I'd read tweets from) noting that this is part and parcel of the ongoing attempt to delegitimize the Obama administration. Yeah, the whole Kenyan usurper element is a decent chunk, but they did similar stuff to Bill Clinton, and would/will do similar stuff to Hillary Clinton if/when. Of course, they'll then DEMAND absolute fealty to any Rethug administration, i.e., Junior the Moron and Dick.

    I'm just glad these same asshats were marginalized when the USSR was on the other side...christ, that would've been a disaster. Oh, they were around, alright, but Curtis LeMay et al were at least kept safely away from the button...even George Wallace knew when LeMay went off on nuclear war during a 1968 press conference that it was the absolute wrong thing to say.

    Then again, Cotton's maybe just doing overtly what the other Dick (Nixon) did to the Paris Peace Talks, and what Ronaldus Magnus did with the same Iranians in 1980...and in 1986. What's the line? History repeats, first as tragedy then as farce. Yeah, I know, it was that dirty rotten commie atheist Karl Marx who coined that one, but...hey, credit where it's due.

    Back to stuff here.