Tuesday, March 31, 2015


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After seeing how well it's gone over in Indiana, the geniuses in the Arkansas State Legislature also want...no, demand...the right to step on a rake.


  1. This deal with Arkansas is sort of like the old "monkey see, monkey do". I'll go so far as to say that applies to any other state that is even considering such a bill.
    I agree with your comments from yesterdays post. The gay, bi, trans, whatever ARE our neighbors, friends, and co-workers today. I know I have had gay friends before and still do have a few. No doubt I had and have some now that I was not aware of them being gay. Big deal, I have been fought to take each person as she/he is, not as I might wish them to be. I try and accept everybody based on their character. I have never met any gay person who tried to "get" me to join that life style. I did work with one very nice gay man before I enlisted. He told me one day, after we'd been working for the same store about 6 months that he was gay. It was in real ton to a party he said he was going to that coming Saturday. I'd asked him if I might be allowed to go with him. He told me I'd most likely be uncomfortable with the folks there. I replied that I had no idea if I was gay or not. He said, look, your are 18, IF you were, you'd know by now. He continued, trust me, you are not gay. We still were good friends till I left to join the Marines. When I got my first leave, I went to see him, he'd quit that company and nobody could/would tell me where he was at the time. He was a very interesting person and damn good with plants, like a gardening expert in fact.

  2. Forgot another comment…..again. Must be my advanced age…LOL.
    Yes, even my "must read every day" web site "Racer.com" had a short article on NASCAR saying it objected to this idiotic ;aw in Indiana. Hey, even IMS, owners of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, home of the Indy 500, and Indy Car series is not happy about the law. Both said they WILL welcome ALL race fans to their events, even at the IMS race track. take that Mr. Pence!
    Oh, he is asking the legislature to "work this out" or words to that effect. Why in hell did he sign that piece of crapola in the first place? Cause he "thought(?)" he'd score points with the Reich wing "tea party" no doubt. Can you say "backfire?" YES we CAN! Looks like one of those "oops" moments US politicians are so known for. Yes, I know I am being a bit mean and I AM rubbing it in. Guess what? I like doing it! Told you I can get nasty……

  3. You're right Pence thought he'd score wingnut brownie points -- and he sort of did -- but there's thankfully a small gap between the genuine loonies...and those who realize that, one, money is green, and two, that there's no shame in tolerating...yep, your neighbors, your relatives, your friends...one thing I remembered about when they finally canned don't-ask-don't-tell was that the folks coming out...sure as hell didn't look like wingnut stereotypes of gay men or even lesbian women...hell, several of the gay guys, at least the ones I saw on television, looked like they could quite easily kick my ass without so much as breaking a sweat. Though...they also looked like the soldiers who took their jobs seriously, and didn't join strictly to preen around in uniform while demanding we all grovel in thanks.

    It's just another example of...grow up...me, I'm not gay, but what if I was? Wouldn't make a damn bit of difference...because it'd be my business, not some clown who's idea of "freedom" is to despise people for being (slightly) different.

    But...well, at least the backlash is good and heavy. Not that it'll get the true believers to change the way they think, but it might force them to hide their hate...at least a bit.

    Take it easy...