Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Sweet Home Ala...Bibi

From Album 5
The Bloc Vote, Redux...


  1. Well, this may get me in some trouble but what the hell, I can take it. What else could we expect of those critters who claim to be the chosen of doG? Like the proverbial lemmings running to their doom. One thing for sure, in my opinion, this election result proves once and for all that the zionist entity has ZERO desire of peace. ThE only peace they want is every PIECE of land in that area they can make camp on and later build more of their "settlements". For the record I am not, nor ever have been anti-Semitic. In fact, the Arabs ARE also Semites. Therefore a true anti-Semite would hate Jews AND Arabs, in equal measure. I dispose how the zionists have taken the term "anti-Semite" to mean exclusively the dislike, however mild, any and all criticism of the zionist entity and the hateful gummint they have and keep electing. The way they treat their neighbors i despicable. They may be "chosen of doG" but to me they are just mean spirited, nasty, vile critters. A great many Jewish people in the US of A in particular do not support Bibi nor his type of critter at all. The younger American Jewish folks don't put the entity on a pedestal either. I just would like "our"(??) congress to stop kissing the hind end of that nasty little country that would dry up in a matter of weeks at best without the huge sums of cash it gets from OUR tax dollars every year.
    Oh joy, not. Looks like rain till Monday up here now, it has started already, not hard, yet, just steady for now. Stay dry. Tigger will show you how…..LOL.

  2. Ol Bibi's now trying to walk his racist rhetoric back, but the damage has been done. He's officially at best a panderer to the worst instincts of the most vicious anti-Palestinians, which is fine for wingnut American Republicans, who share his odious views, but probably not good for even the Israelis, who, after all, didn't give him a majority...just a majority in a pretty fragile coalition.

    I'm always amazed -- and dismayed -- by the folks who apparently are just fine with perpetual war...over NOTHING. Yes, the Al Aksa Mosque and Wailing Wall are fine example of ancient construction and a reminder of history, but the area is just a that's been shared when not being fought over...for a long time. Hell, Jewish and Arab, as you note, are both ethnically Semitic, and for all the biblical nonsense, the best science suggests such a close relationship that it's almost certain they shared the region since at least the beginning of recorded history, and probably prior to that...

    But...guess it just demonstrates how weird people can be: hatred is a powerful is love, or even respect...but hate sure is easy, while the other two are hard. Sigh

    Otherwise...looks like the weather will hold off over here until the weekend, but then through Monday we're looking at the wet stuff. Glad I went ahead and cut the grass. It'll be a chore once we dry out, but not as much of a chore as it would be.

    Take it easy...good old Tigger's fast asleep on my lap...but he'll be ready for a treat pretty soon.