Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Taking The Low Road

From Album 5
Ed Kilgore makes the case that Huck is the new Palin...


  1. Oh joy, not. So, the Huckster is the "new" Palin? I agree that failin' Palin will be around, at the fringe of the fringe for some time yet. Wish we were finally rid of her and her ilk, but oh well. Saint Joan of the tundra? That is one I'd not heard before.
    As to the "put upon" or as they self describe often, the "persecuted" Christians in the US of A, LOLMAO. Since when have the Christians (I prefer to call the majority of them xtians, as they are not really true followers of the Jesus who said to love your enemies) since WHEN have they been "persecuted" in this country? I'll tell you, never. Nearly every survey of random people in the US of A gets a majority self describing themselves as Christian, even if they do not go to church except Christmas and Easter. How can they tell us with a straight face and not holding both hands behind their backs, all fingers crossed,that they are being "persecuted"? Good grief, talk about total BS!
    Oh, that tea party crapola still gets me. I remember during their higher profile days, I saw photos of some of their gatherings, many held signs with this written on them; "Keep the government away from MY Medicare". Say what? Where do they think (if they CAN think) Medicare comes from then? Santa Claus? Holy crap, Medicare AND Social Security come FROM the US government, always have. Idiots are smarter than that. Morons know better. That sort of statement is even beyond stupid. There! aha! I found something the US of A IS a world leader in, "we" in the US of A have found (unfortunately) an idea(or something) that is beyond stupid. What to call it though? Ultra stupid? Extreme stupidity? Bat shit crazy fits, but is used too often for lesser crazy crap already.
    I have NO idea what to call it, but I'll bet the farm that the US of A IS the world leader in it.
    Oh dear, if the Huckster gets any traction from this caribou Barbie crap, I'll bet that Herr Jindal tries his hand at it soon. He still thinks (can he actually?) that he has a chance at being the next POTUS? Even after the disastrous poll from this recent CPAC?
    I saw one where he WAS more popular than the Donald, but not as popular as "none of the above".
    Looks like rain for tomorrow, and man, it gets down right COLD Thursday. And some folks wonder why so many are sick? With this weather, how does one stay healthy? It was warm enough here this afternoon that when we went out to the store and supper, we did not even need a light jacket and had to put the a/c on low in the car or open the front windows. It got up to about 77/78 here today. It might hit 40 for the high here Thursday. Talk about weird weather.
    Hope you and Mr. Tigger are OK.
    Stay dry and try to keep warm Thursday.
    Cheers. Oh, I posted an extra comment for yesterdays post also. Just a musical suggestion for you. A song I like to listen to now and then. Actually quite often, but, Well, being the old heathen I am, you may understand why I like it if you listen to the song.

  2. Almost forgot another point. Funny how the elephant gang stirs up the rabble with all this "liberals" look down on you folks. Yeah, and where do the elephant gang get their monies from? Well, the same place the donkey gang does now days, the really, really RICH folks and Wally Streeters/banksters who screw the working class. Another thing, very, very few tea party members are or ever will be middle class. If you work for an hourly wage, even some salaried folks are NOT now or ever will be "middle class". They are and always will be working class. I was born into the working class and never wanted to be anything BUT working class.
    Oh, but this is 'Merikkka and "we" don't do working class, sounds too "socialistic" no? LOL, no matter how it sounds, it is true, was way back, still is today, and will be far, far into the future. Oh, and there is not one damn thing wrong with being working class. The working class and poor folks (we call them the working poor now days) built this country. WE, the working class did ALL the hard labor to build this and every other country/civilization. If you are working class, you should be very PROUD to be such. If you are middle class, good for you and yes, be proud of it.
    If you are upper class or part of that 1%, best to thank your parents as most of you did not get there by your own work/efforts. Just my opinion, for what it may or may not be worth.

  3. Thanks for the Jethro Tull recommendation -- yes, they're on my list...though, damn, less often these days since my "albums" are...cassette tapes, and god knows what shape they're in. Guess I could look them up on You Tube (came across King Harvest the other day...Dancing in the Moonlight...and another early 70s song that...damn, I forget now, but I wrote it down somewhere)...

    Oh, they're trying their damndest to turn us all into day laborers, while they pretend to be the victim. Sadly, the folks voting for them will happily do so just TO ensure everyone else is as miserable as they are. It's weird...but in my own mind, I see it as a mix and match of hurt and spite. People are too proud to admit they hurt, so they'll pass the hurt on to as many others as they can. Meanwhile, the Palins, Huckabees and associated ilk ride it all the way to the bank.

    And you can't really do much about it...though I try: NEVER talk down to good people, but do your best to hint that, hey, it's ok to have a bit of dignity, and even a bit of money...and nothing wrong with your kids getting some sort of education, be it college, or certification in the trades, or anything else. Of course, college is now officially for "snobs," as law school graduates Megyn Kelly and Rick Santorum sneer...

    Well, back to stuff...yeah, it's going to be a weird one. The house is a little on the warm side, but with the big temperature change I don't want to run the A/C. It'll get cold soon enough. But the cat and I will deal. Speakign of, time to give him his little nighttime treat.

    Yeah, he's got me on the short leash.

    Take it easy. Hope the weather change doesn't whack you -- oh, and by the way...welcome to climate change. It doesn't mean no more winter ever...but it does mean (to repeat myself...sorry) unusual patterns become...less unusual.

    Sigh. Well...have plenty of gumbo to ride it out...