Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Land Of (Tom) Cotton

From Album 5
Makes me wish I was anywhere else...


  1. Oh yassa' mass' Cotton sir! All us chiilins' gwin be back out deer picking' dat cotton sir!
    This idiot, no, sorry, that is an insult to idiots, this cretin wants to put kids back out doing field work. Just like those "good old days". Well, hell yeah! Let's get going and get it done, sooner the better. Why, we know those inner city kids just drop out of school, so, send them out to pick cotton another crops. Make those lazy ass kids work for their meager room and board. Hey, they can always buy goodies at the company store. Of course they will never get out of debt to that company store, almost like many college kids will never be able to pay off their nasty, obscenely high interest rate, student loans. Why, I think old Cotton here has a damn fine idea, IF slavery was still the law of the land and the Confederates had won that minor skirmish back in the 1860's that is.
    Holy crap! This is 2015! Wake up and smell the coffee there Mr. Cotton.
    By the way, I do NOT cotton to anything this cretin has to offer.
    Rats, looks like rain comes in here late tonight and tomorrow, again. But, it will be warm, in the 70's.

  2. They really are crazy...utterly. If "hard work" is so essential to "building character," then I'd like to see them demand an absolute end to inheritance over a nominal amount, so as to bestow this same character building upon our social and economic elites. And maybe we should pay Congresscritters the minimum wage, for the same reason...

    No, I didn't think they'd do anything like that.

    As for weather, down here they're saying cloudy, but no wondering if I should thaw some stuff for the grill...if the forecast holds, I like doing the outdoor cooking...I mostly freeze up the stuff, but it's still "from the grill," and it makes for easy leftovers...

    Take it easy, hope your weekend is good enough...