Monday, March 30, 2015

Torquemada Insists Inquisition Just A "Misunderstanding"

From Album 5
And he can't understand what the fuss is all about.


  1. Ah yes, those poor put upon xtians. Why we all know how oppressed they are in the US of A. Yes, it would be terrible if some asshat xtian had to bake a cake or sell flowers to a gay couple. Well, I have never been to the Indy 500, yes, I would have liked to have gone to see that race in person just once, but no way will I set foot in Indiana now. Hell, I won't even return to my birthplace, Wisconsin as long as lil' Scotty walker is running the show there either. Should have stayed in SoCal. Hell at least I had the option of voting for the "Peace and Freedom" party at election time. I was finally able to vote in November 1972, had to be 21 to vote then. I was no longer on active duty with the USMC and as I didn't get back to dad's in time, I never got my sample ballot. Yes, before every election, California used to send out sample ballots to all registered voters. Wish Louisiana did the same, oh, wait, can't, we're broke!
    Any who, I went to the voting booth, looked at the ballot, knew I'd never vote for Tricky Dick and McGovern had about as much chance as a snowball in an H-bomb explosion. I saw a candidate for the "peace and Freedom" party. Well hey, I had recently returned from the Vietnam war, so peace was just A-OK double cool by me, and well, freedom sure is worth having, so I voted for every candidate from that party. I did so for the next two elections out in California. It was just before the third election I found out that the party was socialist. Well, I STILL gave them my vote for every candidate they ran. I did four years honorable service withe the University of Science, Music, and Culture (USMC) so I figured I earned the right to vote for anybody who was on the ballot. Oh and I still think Karl Marx was a wimp, not radical enough. Wish that party was available to vote for here in Loosely Anna. Oh well, and so it goes……
    Hope your week goes well for you and Tigger. Was nice, warm and sunny here today. May get a bit of rain Thursday according to weather underground. Maybe…….at least the weather man on KALB earns his keep, the weather is so changeable in this state.
    Oh, and as an old heathen, IF I lived in Indiana, I would refuse to serve fun die xtians and fundies of every stripe. Yeah, I can get down right nasty at times…..LOL. It would be MY Constitutional right to do so and I would argue it all the way to the Nine Supremes if I had to. Why else do I contribute to the ACLU if not to have them back me up when MY rights are attacked? Now I am being overly nasty, or maybe not. I'll let others decide. See, I can even compromise.

  2. Parting shot. What is it with asshats like Pence? he could not/ would not give a simple yes or no to a very simple, yes or no question. No doubt he also "thinks" he has a chance at POTUS, just like lil' Booby Jindal. Yeah, that must be it.

  3. Apparently even NASCAR opposes the, they're not Indy, but they have a race at the Brickyard.

    Well, Indiana is where my dad was from...but I'd guess his own views might have evolved enough by now...too many people are finally realizing that LGBT people aren't, well, freaks, but are our neighbors, our relatives, our friends...and completely normal.

    As for California, well...I remember my aunt telling me she voted for a guy named Lowell Darling for governor once. His "platform" was to stop earthquakes by sewing up the San Andreas Fault with a big needle and thread. Well, still not as crazy as the wingnuts, if you ask me.

    Anyway...yes, should be nice here for the next few days, minus a slight chance of rain Thursday and Friday. I'll take it. Am still short of time with the changes going on at work (vacation is ill-advised right now) but pretty soon hope to get time for the house projects I mentioned a while back.

    And Pence...god, what a creep. Have only seen him on TV, but his oratory style is straight out of old Tailgunner Joe McCarthy's playbook. ..ugh...and having lived up there, sadly I know how someone like McCarthy...or Tommy Thompson...or Scott Walker...can thrive. Sucks...

    Take it easy.