Monday, March 16, 2015


From Album4
He's an asshole...and a dumbass. So much for his Ivy League pedigree...


  1. I agree with you totally on your assessment of Cruz.
    That being said, you need to remember, most of his followers are likely to be tea types. Remember the early days of the "grass roots" (read astro turf) tea party? They did their protests holding signs telling how they demanded that the government get OUT of their Social Security. I most likely have a photo of that toe on one of my external hard drives still. I always keep odd ball crap like that, just for laughs.
    It made me wonder, out loud and in various emails, just where did they think Social Security came from? What morons, well, that is an affront to true morons, but I'm not feeling like looking for other terms just now. Cretin fits quite well. Mindless cretin is even better. And to think, this asshat got a degree from Harvard!
    Well, that was money that could have been put to much better use. Yeah, I am feeling very sarcastic tonight.
    Glad the grilling went good. We look to be set for a day or two more without rain up here. At least the temps are in the mid 70's and may hit the low 80's this week. Spring is nearly here.
    How does Tigger like his meat grilled? My cats liked theirs like me, well done.

  2. Well, Tigger gets pretty much well done, too...though I've never actually asked. That said, he's not turned anything down that's come off the grill, so I guess our tastes kind of match up.

    I left the pork on for some time (used pork loins -- they were on sale, so...I've also done pork loin tips)...marinade overnight in cheap soy sauce and a bit of molasses, then leave them on the cool side until the coals have likewise cooled down. Same with the chicken wings -- let them go for a good while. The burgers and steak went to the "hot" side, though I tend to not overdo it with the charcoal. I'd rather let things soak up the smoke flavor.

    As for Teahadist Ted and his ilk...yeah. It's teeth-grindingly frustrating, trying to tell folks that our national wealth is ... a function of the whole nation, including the government...hell, the government, in instituting the New Deal, in winning World War II, in establishing a consumer society as a matter of primary national interest, with Social Security and Medicare as both a matter of basic decency AND a means of easing us (including me, in a few years) out to let the next generation step up...

    Reagan, for all his alleged affability, did a huge disservice in making hatred and blind selfishness...completely acceptable...

    Take it easy. Off to dinner and cat treats here...

  3. Damn...meant to say the government "played the major role" in instituting, etc. That's what happens when the cat has me typing one-handed...