Monday, March 23, 2015


Sorry to recycle, and with old Ted, really sorry since toxic landfill is probably more appropriate. But...long day. Anyway, some of the comments here are surprisingly good considering they're Liberty College students. Well, perhaps there's a bit of hope after all.


  1. Oh joy, not. We get Ted Cruz back in the news, again.
    Considering that he was at Falwell U, I agree that some of the comments are quite good.
    I find it very difficult to give much, if any, time to reading about some of the possible runners for POTUS. Maybe when the primaries begin I might look a bit closer. Of course in the end, we will, like most of our recent past elections have the "choice" of the evil or two lessees to vote for.
    America, what a country.
    Hey, at least it was sunny here today and near 80 degrees also. Have a good week and an ear rub for Tigger.

  2. Yes, the "choice," best as I can tell, seems to be how many crumbs are left for the rest of us, with the options of "less" (the Democratic side of the menu) or "a LOT less" (Tailgunner Ted and the rest of the wingnuts).

    Well...actually had a decent enough day, considering I turned 50. The folks at work let me know they cared, know how that goes. Well, I'm just glad I've still got a job to go to, at least for now, knock on wood and any/everything else.

    Glad to hear your own day was springlike. Take it easy. Tigger's fast asleep on my lap over here, but will do on the ear rub.