Wednesday, April 15, 2015


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Well, not that we had to worry, but Christie's chances for getting nominated by the GOP remain And that's not even counting his asinine support of the drug war.


  1. Poor lil' feller. He just cannot win now days. And that is a very good thing.
    I was for and still might be in favor of means testing for Social Security. One of my main objections to AARP was and still is, they did a survey of their own members way back, sometime in the 80's, the majority were FOR means testing if it meant that SS would remain solvent. The leadership was opposed, totally and said that AARP would oppose ANY means testing as the members didn't want it. What a damn lie. Also, in my opinion, the only reason AARP exists is to sell crap insurance policies of all sorts.
    If I make over $100,000.00 per year before SS, then I do not need full SS benefits. Sounds reasonable to me and did then to many others, many of whom were retired at the time.
    His objections, across the board, to medical marijuana or any legal marijuana is absurd. I remember way back reading that the US military wanted it banned in the late 1890's or there a bouts as they knew that if the troops were high on pot, they'd never fight anybody at all. Yeah, they'd just sit around laugh a lot and eat everything they could get their hands on, we call it the munchies now days. Not sure how really true that story is, it may be one of those urban legends, but it does seem to be about the way the higher ups of the military tend to "think". When I was in the Marines, we used to say that rank was inversely proportional to intelligence. We had a regimental colonel in my Vietnam days who was living proof of that observation. Sent two battalions of us out to retake an old LZ that we'd quit some months before. No real reason to want it back, except, some asshat in G-2 (intelligence) told him the VC might want that spot. Well, if old VC want it, WE must get it first. We went out, a 10 kilometer "walk" (one way) took the damn site, then held off many VC counter attacks, day and night for over a week. After about 10 days or so, we got the order to "come back to regimental base". So, load up our gear and walk back the same damn 10 kicks, but, we had to fight part of the way back as the VC were highly pissed by then. What a damn waste of lives, munitions, everything. All just for what? So he could "prove some point"? I never did find out, but more than myself, a few junior officers included had to be restrained from shooting his sorry ass for a month. No, we were not locked up or anything, just were not allowed near that asshat with any weapons. Christie reminds me of that guy, but so do other politicians, too numerous to name. Out of the 535 members of both houses of the US congress, can you name more than a small handful of honest ones? I cannot and that is why I refuse to use a capital "C" for that gang. IF they get more than a very few honest members in my life time, what little there is left of it, I might begin to use a capital "C" when describing that gang.
    OK, end of rant for today. Hey, I am certain I have told you before that I am long winded, even in person. Maybe worse in person.
    Have a great week. An ear rub and treat for Tigger.

  2. For me, rather than means testing, I'd say raise the cap on the payroll tax from, they could double it, or even eliminate it as far as I'm concerned. I also don't think it's nearly as bad as they'll have you believe. Even the absolute worst case scenario has them paying 75 percent of what's promised...and that's the absolute worst-case. I also think raising the retirement age kind of stinks, too.

    The money's there -- they've just been spending the last generation or so, starting with Ronnie Raygun, convincing the public that it's not there, because if they can get their paws on it, oh, the fun they'll have playing the market. Not like boring old Social Security, which invests in boring old Treasuries, with boring old low overhead and administrative costs. No, they want the pot of money so they can play the investment casino, and make fat commissions to spend on hookers and cocaine.


    As for his bizarro crack down (because the bro's that tend to adore Christie also tend to smoke, snort, and drink), me that at least gets to the heart of wingnuttery: an intense desire to crack the whip and/or truncheon on some skulls. Why? Some people ARE quite frustrated, but they don't understand why. They blame the poor...but if the poor were getting all the money, hell, they wouldn't be poor. They worship the rich, even as the rich kick them repeatedly...kind of sad, come to think of it, but...the frustrated one's have a flaw: they dream of being rich so THEY can kick some asses. But, in the interim, they've got someone to hate. And that's Christie's schtick -- be a bully and shout at folks...and if they step out of line (i.e., smoke pot)...beat them down and put them in jail.

    These days, wow -- you can go to jail just FOR being poor. Land of the free...

    Well...oh, I'm not holding my breath for legal weed here in Loosiana. If I remember it was the first state to crack down, probably to mess with New Orleanians...THOSE people, who listen to that music. Still...if the feds ever stopped enforcing, and enabling (via funding) individual states, maybe there would be less incentive to be so damned draconian.

    Anyway, that's enough of my rant. Take it easy. Tigger says meow. Don't let the rain be too much of a drag...

  3. You make excellent points regards SS. I agree that raising the age is a no go. It was set at 65, with the provision for 62 if needed. It should stay that way. It was a contract with "we the people" and unless "we the people" get to vote yes or no on changing it, then piss off, leave it as is. I see any raising the age for SS as a rip off for those who are not yet 65 or even 62.
    Yes, "saint" Ronnie and his masters did want to grab as much of the SS funds as possible to play their money games with. I call it socialism for the very rich. Damn international bankers and Wally Streeters/City of London types. Crooks of the worst sort is what they really are.
    Yes, Christie IS a bully. We know how bullies like to beat people down, in particular if the person getting the beating is smaller, less able to defend him/her self. Bullies and bigots are birds of a feather more often than not I think. I detest both.
    I say make pot legal in the entire nation, sell it at gummint shops, I did spend about 9 months in North Carolina with the Marines. My last duty station before my enlistment was up. To buy hard booze, you had to go to the ABC store. Yes, the state ran liquor stores, this was 1971-72, not sure if it still like that. Alcohol Beverage Control stores. In the local bars all you could get was beer. I may be wrong, but I think to drink hard stuff you had to go home or to a private club. I do not think it was legal to buy your booze at an ABC store and take it to a bar. After I got back from Vietnam, I had lost the taste for hard booze any way. Well, I did eventually get to where I liked a shot or three of tequila with my beers, but that ended once I had to take serious pain meds. While I have not cared about my own life all that much, once I was listed as unemployable, I lost motivation, but I had no desire to play the game of hard booze, any booze and powerful pain meds. If I die tonight, fine with me, but I will not get drunk and pop a bottle of pain meds to assist my end.
    As I said above, I am in a pissed off mood today so take this with that grain of salt as it were. Seriously, I do feel like I am way past my "sell by" date.
    Well, on a more polite note, I hope your week is not too wet. Stay dry and thank Tigger for the meow.