Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Erick Erickson Wails, Gnashes Teeth

From Album 5
He's upset that he can't -- legally -- use his religion to justify hate. Warning: That's a Red State link.



  1. I keep thinking about this Jesus guy the xtians seem to worship. Do they ever read their holy book? The guy hung out with 12 other guys. No women in the gang, or none are mentioned as being gang members. OK, so we have 13 guys hanging out in the mid eastern desert, sure sounds possibly "gay" to me. Yes, yes, I know, I AM an old heathen who ditched organized religion over 50 years ago. Oh, and I have never regretted that choice.
    As for any hell, I plan on going there IF it does exist, which I doubt (I did survive the Vietnam war, close enough to hell in my opinion). Why do I intend to go there? Well, so many various folks have told me I should go there, I figure It must be worth checking out IF it exists. Since I have zero belief in any sort of "after life" I suppose I will be disappointed though.
    I am certain of one thing however. When this life ends, everybody is in for a huge surprise. I say this as nobody who has died has ever come back to tell us what this "next life" is or is not.
    I ma have mentioned my little notice, a plaque actually, titled "why worry?". IF I end up in hell, I'll be so busy shaking hands with friends, I won't have time to worry.
    These nut balls like this "red state" clown disgust me to no end. They claim to speak for their god. They also tell me I should do gods' work. Well, if this god cannot speak for his/her self, then whatever this god has to say is not worth my time. As to doing this gods work, if/when this god ever does any of my work, maybe I'll make an agreement with her/him to help with her/his work. Maybe.
    Seriously, I try and be tolerant of the beliefs of all, but this sort of asshat just gets to me, same as the mindless asshat Bolton et. al. do.

  2. Someone in Salon dot com today wrote about her own disgust with the Xtian crazies, who use their quite bizarro interpretation of Christianity to justify all sorts of ugly wingnuttery...not that I'm any expert, but I recently read -- and re-read -- the Reza Aslan book Zealot, that surmises (since there's so little actual evidence) that old J.C. was quite the Zealot, utterly unconcerned with the broader picture...until Apostle Paul, without any particular ok, turned him into a universal prince of peace...assuming he even existed in the first place. I read another book, and might re-read it this spring, called Nailed: Ten Things That Prove Jesus Never Existed (the author's name escapes me for the moment) points out that, contrary to popular opinion, there is a ton of documentation about first century Palestine, but pretty much zero about Jesus...minus some VERY dubious translations and re-writes (basically a single line from Josephus), I've heard elsewhere that a big component of US Protestantism is derived from 19th century Methodism...and hey, if it's just about living a more or less moral live, goody for the believers...when it becomes a cudgel to bash folks, count me out.

    And that's what it becomes for Erickson and his ilk. A tribal totem used to beat other people down.

    Fuck him.

    Well, have a day off work tomorrow. Since it might rain, I'm going to try to do some overdue indoor chores...we'll see. A day of rest is also good.

    Take it easy...