Friday, April 03, 2015

Friday Cat Blogging With Photoshop

From Album 5
In Tehran this week, just a reminder that this is the sort of routine daily life a war would reduce to a mixture of chaos and rubble, not to mention bodies and unimaginable grief...for the winners and losers. Something to consider.

Have a good weekend.


  1. Well of course the elephant gang and their pals on the religious Reich hate it. Over at MWC (Media With Conscience), check out "Poof! There goes Netanyahu's Iran boogeyman".
    But then, he hated the agreement long before it was ever started, let alone now that it is a done deal.
    Oh these war mongers who never wear a uniform let alone see combat personally just get to me. I am biting my tongue right now to keep my "Marine language" in check just thinking about that type of damn coward gets my blood boiling. I have been in a war and trust me, I never want any other persons to see or do what we did in Vietnam, now ongoing around the whole world. There is NO "glory" in any damn fool war, only, blood, suffering, death, and terrible stench.
    OK, on to nicer topics. Hope your weekend went OK. We got a bit of rain early Saturday morning or late Friday night. Not much and it should be OK for most of tomorrow/ Sunday as well.
    Don't work too hard on your days off. Oh, an ear rub for tigger.
    Talk at you later.

  2. What you note about war is so true...but damn if those who-never-so-much-as-even-put-on-a-uniform don't continue to glorify, even as they beat a hasty retreat to the safest place.

    I'd almost say, "you want a war? good. go. NOW!" but you know they'd never go, and would just fine, well, take your pick, brave, brave-foolish, naive, naive-crazy...or do the hard and dirty work. I'm sure the same would go for the Iranians, who are much more like us than we realize, right down to several classes of elites...who do quite well for themselves, even as the more common folks get beaten up pretty badly by the sanctions.

    War, of course, would do a pretty hard whammy on all of them...but...I'm sure the really well off ones would find a way to get out, at least for a while.


    Weekend was ok, except for driving back from New Iberia (did an Easter Sunday family thing). Got caught in some weather, but then got caught up in a big traffic jam on I-10 while on the Atchafalaya causeway. Ugh. Took almost an hour to go barely a mile or so...

    Well, on to stuff over here. At least Friday was a day off, and got some stuff done...take it easy.